Get your gear ready for spring haddock and porbeagle shark

Black Rose

Sep 11, 2009
25, C-Hawk, Black Rose
Haddock was a savior last year! People are groundfishing again...15 fish per person made it fun,especially when they're in 60-100' of water.. We really used light gear last year, with fluke sized gear the norm. When the porbeagle and blue sharks invade, we ramped it up a little,but used the "bait and switch" to get sharks on the shark gear. We made shark fishing fun; landing porbeagles to 400#, blue sharks to 300#, and put one nice mako on the deck........all while fishing for haddock... Win/win.

My favorite Okuma combo is the new Komodo baitcasting reel matched to a Shadow Stalker rod. The action on this 7'6" MH rod is fast, and, while rated for a 3/4 to 1.5 oz jig, we easily cast 10oz jigs far into the drift... The fast action is great for jigging..slow action jigging with a quick snap off of the bottom..

April 15 starts our season...mark that date...Have a great winter..