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Apr 12, 2021
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First report I’ve written so bear with me.

Left the docks promptly at 6pm and headed for bait. While loading up some very nice sardines, captain Tim gave us the rundown. The weather looked great, light to no winds, and calm seas. Fish had been scattered and the fleet was catching 20 lb fish one stop and 200 lb fish on the next. Tim told us we would be at the grounds around midnight. I hung out and enjoyed a sandwich, pizza, beers and conversations with a great group until around 9pm and then went down to rest.

After tossing and turning, and very little sleeping, the captain made the announcement at midnight that it was time to rise and shine and get started, he was seeing fish at 40-50 fathoms. First couple stops didn’t get any biters, but about 1am we got a few to play and within an hour we had 5 on the boat, all over 100 lb, biggest about 130. Unfortunately, that was all we could get that first night. Many fished hard all night, including me, but no luck.

By 6am I was starved and could’ve probably eaten 2 portions of the awesome brown sugar bacon, eggs and hash browns they served for breakfast. Once fueled I went back to the rail to try the grey bite but still no luck.

Once the sun had come up we started looking around for schools on the meter and kelps. We found lots of paddies, and on the good ones we’d pick off a few 10-12lb yellows. Small but fun on the lighter stuff. Morning snack was fresh baked carrot cake.

Continued to pick off yellowtail on various paddies throughout the day. Never really found any tuna willing to play when the sun was out. Lunch was seared ahi with rosemary steamed rice and a miso salad. After lunch I realized I had been fishing since midnight with practically no sleep. I went down and took a 3 hour nap. Woke up to afternoon snack, a nice pesto pasta salad. More kelp fishing until dusk, with one kelp holding a lot of willing biters. For a minute we had a wide open yellowtail bite.

Dinner was a Caesar salad, house baked bread, prime rib, baked potato and broccolini. Dessert was 2 kinds of cheesecake, but I passed since dinner stuffed me.

Captain said we were about 50 miles from port and would fish until around midnight. We fished hard all night for a few more bluefin, mostly between 25-60 lb but a couple triple digit fish and one at 180 lb. In fact, it was my buddy I brought along that hadn’t fished tuna In 20 years that caught the 180 #er, biggest on the boat. Still can’t believe he caught that fish of a lifetime and proud of him!

Called it a night at 12am and pointed it back to San Diego. Woke up at 6am, we were anchored outside the bay waiting for our 7am return slot, and the guys were making breakfast for us. After a waffle and sausage, and a quick debrief from captain Tim, we made our way back to the landing to offload.

Hung out for a few hours, had more food at Mitch’s, then picked up my fish from the processor. Finished the trip with only 1 small tuna and a couple yellowtail, but had a great time and was very impressed with the operation the Royal Star has going. Hoping to fish again on there in the future.

Thanks to all those that gave advice, and especially one awesome BD’er that let me borrow a very nice heavy setup without even knowing me. Truly a kind gesture.

Now, the countdown for the 5 day in July begins!!
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