Gear Gap Advice


Jul 28, 2015
Hi everyone, I'm headed out this upcoming December on an 11 day on the Indy. I know it's hard to predict what and where we'll be fishing, so I'm just looking to have my bases covered as well as possible. I understand there's a possibility it could be lower banks fishing for cows, Ridge, Guadalupe, or anything in between. I've gotten by on a few trips to Lupe, Ridge, etc using a combination of the gear below and boat loaner gear. Of course, I will still be taking advantage of boat loaner gear to fill any remaining gaps, but I'm seeking advice into what my next one or two setups should be. In other words, where do you feel is my biggest gap(s), and how should I best fill those gaps?

My Current lineup:
40# bait: UC RCE700H with Mak 10
Yoyo/raiders: UC RCE700XH with JX Raptor
Wahoo bomb: Okuma PCHP 761H with Daiwa Saltist 6500H (spinner)
Popping/stickbait: Saltywater Tackle Monster Ledge 250 with Stella 18k (spinner)
100# bait: UC Viper 76 with Mak 20

I'm thinking I will buy one to two new set ups for this trip. I'm currently considering these options, but I welcome any and all thoughts:

Option 1: Second 40#/50# bait rig: I could buy a 50# live bait rod to match with my current Mak10. Then purchase a new reel for 40# to match with the RCE700H.
- Which reel for 40#? Fathom 25/30? Which 50# live bait rod?
- Alternatively could purchase a new 50# setup entirely and keep Mak10 at 40#. Just feel it has the balls for 50# if necessary.

Option 2: Buy a pure Guadalupe 50/60# live bait setup. Raptor 80 / Predator 76 or 80 / other matched with Penn VISX 12 / Mak15T / Penn Torque 40.

Option 3: Buy an 80# rig that can be stealth rig at lower banks or could attempt to fish it down for 60# if that ends up being my best 60# option.
- Centaur 76 with VISX 16 or Mak 16

Option 4: Buy a 130# rig in case big tuna show at lower banks. I'm hoping this could be chunk/big bait/heavy drop jigging outfit
- Invictus 76 with VISX 50 or Mak 50

Option 5: ????

What would be most important gaps to fill? Appreciate the advice.

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