Gear advice for La Paz boat setup


Dec 20, 2011
Casper, WY USA
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Looking for advice from area locals on gearing up a new boat for La Paz area fishing starting this winter. I know it can be windy for days at a time. We will pick our days to go out.

I have a selection of salt water spinning rigs in various classes up to around 8500 (I have caught a marlin on this one) but only one old conventional rig. (Senator) I was looking at starting with a few new tld 20s and 30s.
I think they along with my spinning tackle will be fine to start with for most inshore and winter fishing. I probably need a good jig stick.

Do I need to get anything bigger? We do plan on fishing the summer too. I like to troll for marlin and dorado, not going to target blues/blacks but you never know when one comes into the spread. Is a tld 20 or 30 too small for trolling lures for stripers?

It seems like most charters troll with much bigger reels than we ever need. (like big penn internationals) But probably so they can handle the big one when it does hit the lure? Or maybe it is for line capacity? In all my trips we have only hooked 3 blues and they were all under 300 lbs. If bigger is needed I'm thinking about the Okuma Makaira 50.

What is the rod and reel trolling set up for marlin/dorado that works for you locals?
Rod brands and style, length, line test advice also appreciated.

Also, what rod/reel for marlin pitch bait? (I seem to remember that on charters they used a smaller reel for the pitch bait, like a tld. Maybe a longer rod for casting/pitching the bait? I should have wrote this stuff down)

I plan to get local help by hiring a local mate/captain for a while when we start, but want to arrive with a good basic setup. (btw I am setting up my boat now in Texas and will be breaking it in there. I will make sure all the bugs are worked out before heading south) (Getting two spares, extra hub, filters etc.)

TIA Steve
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