Inshore Full Moon - Fat Reds- LJ 7/24


Oct 24, 2019
San Diego
Sea Pro 21
Last weekend I took my little nephew offshore for his first Blue Fin and yesterday took him out fishing in LJ for some rock fishing.

Grabbed a half scoop in Mission and it was the smallest bait I have seen in years.

I told him fishing can be slow when there is a full moon but I guess not on this full moon. I just think he is my lucky fishing charm. haha

We got out to 32 around 2:00 pm and by 3:00 pm we're the only private boat fishing in LJ. A nice change after chasing BF at the 9 in the parking lot last week.

He got hooked up on the double rig with 2 fat reds and was having a heck of a time trying to reel them up from 200ft+( See video)

I had to give him a little tuff love when he wanted to put the rod in the rod holder and wanted me to reel it in for him haha.

He did a great job and is turning into a heck of a little fisherman.

Ended the day with 5 fat reds 7-8lbs, a short barracuda and a hand full of short reds we tossed back.

Water Temp 72F

Purple & Orange Plastics were hooking up the most.

Good luck on the water this weekend

b fishing .jpg