Fuel Tank Repair & Rotten Transom


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Jan 3, 2017
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A buddy of mine who owns a 2001 2320 notched transom had problems with the fuel tank leaking. This was a huge repair, the deck had to be cut to access the fuel tank. Once they pulled the fuel cell, the transom was rotting out. The repair was costly.

I've heard this is a common problem for some Parker owners. My buddy was lucky he realized the problem, as fuel was leaking into the hull and this could have resulted in a fire or explosion.

My question, is this a common problem for Parker's? Is there a specific Parker model or year these problems mostly arise? Does this problem happen mostly to notched transom owners? If these problems are common to Parkers, is there any preventative measures than can be taken?

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Aug 13, 2017
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As I understand it the older Parkers had the gas tanks foamed in which made water that got into the bilge area harder for it to get out? My 1990 Parker 1801 had a notched transom, I paid attention to my deck hatches for the 20+ years I had it, kept them greased, etc... never had an issue other than a sending unit that corroded. Sold it 3 years ago.

My 1999 2310 I have now for 2 years has an engine bracket, I've examined the tank as much as possible. It looks fine to me but I'm watching it closely because it's not perfect. I think with anything if you don't care for it properly, you might get screwed. Hope mine lasts. Maybe someone has some suggestions to help make it last better but I'd just say watch those deck hatches.

Dave Nesthus

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Oct 27, 2003
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Dave Nesthus
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I have a '97 25' pilot house. It was 8 years old when I discovered my fuel tank was leaking. Apparently the previous owner had a leaky bait tank hose that flooded the entire fuel tank compartment. Once water gets down there and saturates the foam, it will never really dry out. It was a very expensive repair. I am not aware that Parker has changed the way they assemble the fuel system. I assume they are still foamed in. Now when the boat is covered and stored, the hatch lids are off hoping to get a little air circulating in that compartment.


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Jun 14, 2015
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I put a little fan in my bilge and pull the deck caps so the air can circulate through my bilges. Keeps everything down there nice and dry.

the rear deck hatch (rectangle one) is a POS. It leaks from the factory.


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Oct 21, 2004
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The biggest cause of fuel tanks leaking on the west coast is the offshore bait tank, pacific edge bait tank, or blue water bait tanks. Any bait tank with a false bottom, there's a STRONG chance that saltwater is leaking into the tubing access through the deck, soaking the tank and foam and corroding it, much more rapidly than normal.

False bottom tanks need to be leak tested and stainless double hose clamped underneath. Then the tank bottom edge needs to be sealed to the deck with flexible sealant (not 5200). If this is not done and also checked every few years, there's a chance your parker fuel tank or any boat with a fuel tank underneath a false bottom bait tank will eventually lead to fuel tank corrosion.

Aluminum tanks on average should last about 20-23 years if the area around the tank is kept saltwater free.

You should also run a vent fan to keep condensation out of your tank. I just so happen to have one for sale since I sold my Parker 2520. Lots of guys on classicparker.com have setup this vent fans to keep the area dry.

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