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Jun 23, 2009
Los Angeles
I'll be adding lots to this post as I find time. Stuff for Green Bass, and some of it can probably cross-over into the inshore saltwater realm.Will be putting up some frog lots, trout stuff.. So will start with this...

(A.) Savage Gear, Storm Bass Baits. This lot has a Savage Gear 6-3/4" 3D Soft Trout in Dark Trout Color, an 8" Hard, Jointed Kickin Stick in a trout pattern, A Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck, 10.5 cm white topwater duck buzz bait, another Suicide Duck, same specs except in Black, A Savage Gear 3D Rad...20cm (about 4.5") Jointed Rat Bait in Grey...these you can fish it like a floating topwater or have it Dive a bit under the surface depending on whether you tie it to the nose or on the lip (2 options to tie to)...this weighs 32 grams so a little more than an ounce. Then I have 2 smaller versions at 8.3 cm and 16 in shad pattern, and one in brown pattern. All the rats come with one spare plastic tail each.

$50 picked up or ship on your dime.

Storm Savage Gear Bass Baits p1.JPG Storm Savage Gear Bass Baits p.JPG Storm Savage Gear Bass Baits p4.JPG

(B) 4 VAGABOND GLIDE HUSTLER Hard Glide Baits. These are 130 mm or about 5" long and weigh 53grams. I have a blue-Silver Sardine Pattern (Iwashi), a Rainbow Trout pattern, and a Bluegill Pattern, all of which are Rattling-Sinking Models. The last one is Glide Hustler SSS in "Hasu" pattern which has an olive back, light blue bands over silver...kind of like a perch pattern. This is a Slow SSS. These all are outfitted with what look to be Saltwater grade trebles. Anyways..$30 each or will take $100 for the lot, picked up. Shipping on your dime. 4 Vagabond Glide Hustler Baits 1.JPG 4 Vagabond Glide Hustler Baits 2.JPG

(C) Some small big hammer grubs and swimbaits for surf perch, bay fishing, largemouth, crappie, or whatever. 3 packs of mini 2" big hammer paddle tail swimbait, 10 per pack in Pierce's bug, white, clear w. red flake, and Smelt patterns. Then there's 1 pack each of the 1.75" Big Hammer single tail perch grubs...25 per pack...1 pack in white, and 1 pack in motoroil gold flake. Last I found a couple of packs of these yum 1.5 or 1.75" ribbed curly tail grubs. They appear to be a pumpkinseed with a yellow tail section...2 packs of these at 20 per pack. There scented with
some kind of anise oil or something. So that's it...Makes 120 little plastics. $18 picked up..will ship on your dime. 120 Small Plastic grub swimbait lot 1.JPG 120 Small Plastic grub swimbait lot 2.JPG
(D) 7 Jars Berkley Powerbait and Pautzke's Salmon Eggs. There are 4 sealed 1.75 oz jars of powerbait in Garlic, Red White Blue w.glitter, Rainbow Turbo Dough, Rainbow Extra Scent w. Glitter. The Jars of Salmon eggs are the Pautzke's Silver Label...they have the silver glitter interspersed in the jar. $21.00 picked up...I'm in Los Angeles....add $7 to ship. DSCN9731.JPG 7 Jars Powerbait and Salmon Eggs2.JPG
(E) 10 Kastmasters ranging from 1/12 oz up to 3/8 oz with most being 1/8 and 1/4 oz. Mostly chrome and gold with slight variation with some that have a little prism, glow, or uv tape on them although there is 1 that is Rainbow trout pattern. All new, $30 picked up in LA 10 Kastmasters BD.JPG
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