Freshwater bass gear for sale. ALL MUST GO!!


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Aug 7, 2010
[FONT=Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, san serif]I have too much stuff. I need to clear this out so I can buy more, guilt free.

Prices negotiable. Shipping to CONUS only, international shipping at an additional cost. Paypal, Money Order, or Personal Check accepted.

Buy multiple lots to save on shipping.

Too much stuff to take pictures of. If you have questions on an item, want pictures, or want to buy, send me a PM or an e-mail at [email protected]

Will GLADLY listen to offers but please, no low ballers.

Curado 201B. Old mean green. Left handed. Used. And it shows it. But mechanically in very good shape. Well maintained, cleaned yearly. This is one of my lighter used reels…one of my babies. BUYERS MUST PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK so I know she’s going to a good home. Only kidding….kind of… $75 shipped (please e-mail for pictures…know the condition before you buy)

BPS Johnny Morris Baitcaster. JMX10SHLA Super High Speed 7.1:1 gear ratio. Left Handed. Only used on a few trips. Spooled with 50 pound power pro. Used as a frog reel. Don’t think I’ve ever caught a fish on a frog. Comes with box, neoprene reel cover, and paperwork. This reel is from 2007. IT IS NOT the same reel now (which retails for 120). This retailed for 180 and was worth it. Better bearings and gears. Looking for $85 shipped.

I have a few old Shimano reels that have been sitting around. They were my fathers and apparently top of the line when he purchased them. I know nothing about them other then what is on the reels.

They are in great shape. Could use a cleaning, but all text is visible and there are still stickers on the handle. I've had them apart and everything looks flawless on the inside.

First, I have two identical reels. They are Shimano TX Mags BTX-100MAG. Magnetic controls, 5.0:1 gear ratio (stickers on handles). 2 Ball Bearings. Made of Graphite and Titanium. Product of Singapore.

I also have a Bantam Mark Plus BMP-250X with "extra high speed gear ratio" of 5.0:1. This reel also has magnetic controls, as well as a flippin' switch. It is a product of Japan. It LOOKS like it would be a nicer reel than the above. However, it FEELS like it could use a good cleaning.

$25 for each reel, shipped. Or buy all 3 for $60 shipped.

Rapala lot

All lures are BNIP, NEVER USED. Bought these and they’ve sat for the past 2 years. Nothing fancy, they are the rapalas on market today. NEED to clear some space. Prefer to sell as one lot.

DT-Flat 7 Sureset - Crawdad (3)
DT-10 – Dark Brown Crawdad
DT-Flat 9 Sureset– Firetiger
DT-6 – Hot Mustard
DT-16 Blue Shad
DT-6 Green Tiger
DT-Flat 9 Sureset Blue Shad
DT-Flat 7 Sureset Blue Shad
DT-6 Blue Shad
DT-6 – Perch
DT-10 – Green Tiger (2)
Minnow-Rap 9 Yellow Perch
Total of 15 baits. Would like to get $75 shipped.

Megabait Charlie 4” in Dark Rainbow. Good little bait when they don’t want to chew the big boys. Have 2 of these, one used and has a little tear on the top, but you REALLY have to look for it.
Optimum Twin Tail in Rainbow Trout. Used, and a little beat up, but still has some fish left in it.

Megabait Slider 5” bait in Rainbow Trout. Never been used, nice looking little bait.
Bass Magic 5.5” hollow bodied swimbaits in “Natural Perch”. Pack of 5, but one is missing. The other 4 are unused.
$15 shipped takes them all.

Reaction Strike Bull Bream 6 inch in Sunfish. Thrown once or twice. No marks. Hooks swapped for Gammys (stock hooks were bad.) $18 shipped

Academy Swimbaits. These are little bluegill swimbaits that look great, but have just sat around. 3 baits, never thrown, no boxes. 2 of the 3” versions…one sunfish and one bluegill and one in the 4.5 inch version in bluegill. They have potential to be awesome baits.
$15 shipped for all 3

Soft Plastics

All plastics are brand new in package, never used, with all pieces. This is a great deal for someone who’s huge into pitching/flipping and looking to build their collection.

-Culprit 4” Flippin Craw 2 packs in Wine/Blue Flake and 1 pack of Black Copper Flake. Each pack contains 10 baits.
-Culprit 3” Water Beetle in Chili Pepper. 1 pack, containing 10 baits.
-YUM Mega Flash Tube 3” in “GOLD FLASH” Black tube with HEAVY HEAVY gold glitter. Honestly, one of the ugliest colors I’ve ever seen. 1 pack containing 8 baits. I got these as a gag gift. Maybe you’ll use them, maybe you’ll dump them off on a buddy.
-Bass Assassin Custom Hand Poured Eager Beaver. This was one of my favorite flippin’ baits…similar to a RI Sweet Beaver. Numbers in parenthesis indicate how many packs I have. All baits are 4 inches and there are 10 baits per pack.
Black/Blue Tail (4)
Junebug (3)
Red Pearl Belly (2)
Red Shad/Green Glitter (1)
Watermelon Candy (1)
-Bass Assassin Hogg Assassin 5” bait with 7 baits per pack. Similar to a Zoom Brush Hog 1 pack of each color in Black Sapphire and Black Ruby

18 packs of plastics, looking to get $30 shipped for them all.

Crankbaits: All baits are unused, NO BOX, unless otherwise noted.
Lucky Craft G-Splash in Citrus Shad. Have 2 of them. 14 each/shipped or both for 24 shipped.

Lucky Craft Pointer SP 65 in Brook Trout (?) $12 shipped

Lucky Craft Pointer SP 65 Deep Diving in Holographic Perch $12 shipped

Lucky Craft Splash Tail in Frog $14 shipped
Lucky Craft Flat CB DR “for finesse cranking” in Chartreuse/Black Back. Lightly used. Hooks swapped for Gammy’s $10 shipped.

Lucky Craft LVR D-10 in Citrus Shad $12 shipped

Lucky Craft LVR D-15 in Rootbeer Craw $12 shipped

Lucky Craft Live LVR in Chartreuse Shad. Cabela’s exclusive $15 shipped

Daiwa T.D. Popper in Red Shad $5 shipped

BPS Nitro “The Egg” in Charteuse/Blue Back and BPS Nitro “Super Shallow Crank” in Chartreuse/Black $7 shipped

Bagleys Original Balsa B-1 in Shad and Bagleys Kill’r B (PLASTIC version) in gold shad $7 shipped

Jerkbait Lot:
Megabait Slender shallow running jerkbait in “Ghost Minnow”. Got this as a sample, no clue about it. About 4” long, very shallow diver. Never thrown.
Rapala J-9 in Rainbow Trout. Older bait from IRELAND. Used but in great shape. Hooks swapped for Gammys
Rapala J-11 in Silver/Black lightly used
Rapala J-11 in Gold/Black lightly used
All 4 baits for $12 shipped

Lipless bait lot:
Rapala Rattlin’ Rap in Holo Shad. Used, marked up, but overall in very fishable condition
SPRO AKURA in American Shad
SPRO AKURA in Old Glory
Daiwa T.D. Vibration S in Misty Shad
Strike King Red Eye Shad in Sexy Shad
XTS Speed Lures Vibrator in Firetiger
All 6 baits for $18 shipped

X-Rap lot: Bought these from a forum member here and they just aren’t right for me. Consider all baits “slightly used”. They do not have any large marks, but I do not know the history of them. I don’t know sizes of these baits…
Large shallow diver in Shad
Large shallow diver in Olive Shad
Small deep diver in Shad (missing rear hook)
Small deep diver in walleye
Small shallow diver in Clown
Small shallow diver in Gold/Black
All 6 baits for $25 shipped

Reaction Strike Jerkbait lot: Great built jerkbaits, I just have too many of them. These are all brand new, no box.
XRM-80 in Natural Matte Perch (Mine was an earlier model, less orange and more yellowish vs picture on website)
XDM-90 in SEXY and Ghost Minnow
DM-110 in Ghost Natural Shad and Ghost Minnow
All 5 baits for $25 shipped

Spinnerbait Lot. All spinnerbaits are custom made, REALLY nice quality…I just don’t fish them much. I’m only guessing on the weights. None of these have seen the water.
1/8th ounce Pearl white with double hammered nickel Indiana blades
½ ounce “Bluegill” with double gold fluted willow blades
3/8 Ounce “Bluegill” with double gold hammered Indiana Blades and red trailer hook
1/8 Ounce “Bluegill” with double gold hammered Indiana Blades (first blade needs cleaning or replacing)
½ ounce Firetiger with double hammered nickel Indiana blades
½ ounce GOLD with double gold hammered Indiana blades
ALSO included (not custom)
¼ ounce Booyah in Shad with single silver willow and silver Colorado
3/8 ounce Booyah in Gold Shad with single gold willow and gold Colorado (used, paint chips on head)
Take them all for $35 shipped

Buzzbaits Lot:
Fish Helix Buzzbaits. I bought these YEARS ago, fished 1 and these 3 sat in the box. Honestly, KILLER baits on calm days. The helix blade casts very well through wind, but it isn’t LOUD…and I like loud. 1 each in Black/Red, Greenback Shad, and Halloween (orange, yellow, black, blue).
Also have a chartreuse/blue skirt buzzbait with a 1/8 oz head and HUGE plastic quad blade. Never thrown. Custom tied.

All 4 buzzbaits for $30 shipped. The Helix’s were $10 a piece when I bought them.

Jig Lot: I’ve realized I only fish 1 jig. This is all the other stuff I’ve bought anyways.
Denny Braur Heavy Flip ¾ ounce Black and Blue. Heavy weedguard. Have 2 of these.
KVD Swim Jigs ¼ ounce Blue Shad (x2) ½ ounce Blue Shad 3/8 ounce Green Pumpkin (x2) 3/8 ounce Black/Blue
Castaic Real Craw with replacement arms and tail (x3). Never had the balls to throw this around. It looks and acts like the real thing.
Football Jigheads 1 ounce green pumpkin 1 ½ ounce Black/Blue 1 ½ ounce Bluegill. Great for deep water heavy dragging. Bluegill has been tossed but there are no marks on it. Heads are powder coated.
Buckeye Mop jig 3/8 ounce in Brown Craw (black/brown/Chartreuse)
3/8 ounce “flippin jig” black blue with rattles and heavy weed guard
2 poison style jigheads ½ ounce each. Black/Green and Brown Craw (black/brown/orange)
Great deal for someone who loves jigs or wants to get into fishing jigs. Looking to get $25 shipped, which is a steal.

Magic Worms: I’m fairly sure you have to smuggle these out of California. They are the finesse bait fishermans DREAM. They come in 50 count bags and no, I’m not splitting them up.

Shakey Worms. 2 packs, both packs a little torn up but all baits are there. Custom color rainbow trout (pearl bottom, purple line, green top with black flake). These worms are killer.
$15 shipped per pack or buy both packs for $25 shipped
Finesse Worms. These are 4.5” finesse worms. Great on a lightweight shakey head and KILLER on a dropshot. Again, 50 count bags and I will not split them up.
2 bags Black/Chartreuse tails
2 bags Junebug
1 bag bubblegum
$15 a bag, 2 bags for $25 and we can work something out if you want more than that.

Soft Plastic Lot: Good to start building a collection of very useable baits. I was a collector of colors…it’s time to thin it down to what I really need (and this is just a start)
Reaction Strike Craw Jr 3.5” in Shad/Red Claw
Reaction Strike Craw Jr 4.5” in Watermelon
Terminator Snapback Super Plastic Skeet’s 7” Worm in Black/Blue Flake (used 1 bait, 4 remain)
Terminator Snapback Super Plastic Skeets Creature Bait in Watermelon (used 1 bait, 4 remain)
Terminator Snapback Super Plastic Skeet’s Creature Bait in Green Pumpkin (used 1 bait, 4 remain)
Terminator Snapback Super Plastic Skeet’s 10” worm in Watermelon Red Flake (opened, but all 5 baits inside!!!!!)
Strike King 3x 6” Lizard in Green Pumpkin and Watermelon Candy 1 pack each
Berkley Powerbait “BEAST” 3” version in Black/Blue Laminate Never opened
Berkley Powerbait “Power Shaky Worm” 5” in Watermelon Candy Never Opened
Culprit 7.5” worm in Green Pumpkin Candy never opened
Culprit 7.5” worm in Chili Pepper never opened
YUM Big Show Craw in Crawdad never opened
Chompers 5” Salty Sinker in Rootbeer Green never opened
Reaction Innovation Smallie Beaver (3.5”) in Xmass Pumpkin Never used (but opened)
Case Plastics Lil SweetP in Green Pumpkin (3 ¾ inch version of the sweet beaver)
$30 shipped for all the soft plastics above. Under 2 bucks a bag.

GIANT tubes. It’s going to take a nut like me to step up and buy these. But here they are. 3 Lindy Tiger Tubes in White/Black Flake and 5 Garland’s Original Gitzit 7” Giant Tora Tubes. MONSTER tubes. Cali guys are using them to catch bass, you can do the same. Total of 8 giant tubes. $16 shipped.

Fishbelly Plastics. Coolest “popper” I’ve ever seen. The Open-Mouth Hawgshad is a 5” bait with a cupped face in a pack of 5.. This pack has been opened, but never used. They have a nice spitting action and an INCREDIBLE look to them. The color is rainbow trout. Ultra-detailed, ultra-premium…these plastics aren’t seen around here that often. Straight from Japan. $12 shipped.

Reaction Strike Bass Harrassers. These are Huddleston imitators and I like these during winter when I’m slow rolling in/near rocks or when musky are around. I have a 7” Slow Fall in Olive Shad and a 6” Slow Fall in Palamino Trout. If you’re interested in different sizes/colors please e-mail me. I have about 200 of these in my shop. $12 shipped FOR BOTH.
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