Freedom SCI Bass Report


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Apr 26, 2007
Austin, TX
Prefer Long Range or skiffs (great if combined!)
Just got off the Freedom from its sat night run to the Island.

As Ive come accustomed, Tommy and his crew worked their tails off, trying for squid that night (no luck) and working the deck all day and looking for good conditions.

Wind blew us off the Island (we were fishing the NW corner) and the water was 58ish and green. By noon, all we had to show for our efforts were a hand ful of bass and rockfish.

But mother nature was recovering from the storm, and the overcast burned off, the wind died down, the current swept uphill and the water warmed up. GAME TIME!

The bass flipped at the surface on the baits, and started showing some interest in biting. But not a lot of interest. Fly lined baits were only producing a decent pick. I had a red and olive warbait that I picked up from the fred hall show that i was excited to try. I started flinging that thing into the pockets. Cast, splunk, drop...drop...drop...ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip*CLICK*ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!!!! CRANK! CRANK! CRANK!

Nice 3 pounder hits the deck!

Watching the surface, I paid attention if the bass boiled close enough to cast to. Other edges of the kelp started boiling with 3-4lbers chasing baits, I flipped a swimmer right into them! Crank..crank..SLAM!!!! AAARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!AAAHAHAHAHAHAH! (Gawd I love bass fishing).

The bass really didnt play hard, they stuck to the kelp and would occasionally boil on the chum. But if you worked at it, you got a decent score. Some guys got about 3-5 fish per rod, I nailed 8, all on the warbait head and plastic swim tail. Another guy was also using the war bait w/ swimtail and was also nailing them. We had to leave'em biting and head back to the barn, so, all in all a great day.

The weather is getting better out there, definately worth the drive out!

Sorry, no pics, too busy fishing!


Sep 3, 2005
San Diego
Nice report. We were out this weekend as well, looked for the Freedom. Spoke with Darlen this morning, she said you guys had a good bite.