Formula 233 fuel tank


Oct 4, 2019
Mountain View
Bahia Mar
Bloody Deckers I have a survivor 1974 Formula 233 Fisherman long deck boat in pretty much stock condition. It has twin 165 Mercs with Alpha 1 sterndrives. I bought it out of a storage lot. It's history is unclear as the previous owner had passed away. It's now at the mechanics getting a full service on the motors and out drives. I haven't even had it in the water yet but am excited as I've seen plenty of the Australian videos on youtube showing these boats in action. I live in northern California where ocean conditions can be challenging. The original fuel tank has been removed, a new one is going to be fabricated and installed with all new fuel lines, filler and vent hoses. The tank was foamed in and is obviously wet and trash. That will come out leaving a bigger cavity. I'm hoping to maximize this space with a slightly bigger tank. Here's my question; what is the best way to install the new tank? I've heard various solutions, coal tar it, put rubber gym mats down below, weld tabs to the top that bolt into the stringers, etc... As this is now in progress I need to finalize the plan and move forward. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks!


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