For Sale-Nile Tec enclosed track gun

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    Meticulously restored & ready to hunt. Just add water. $750
    Includes-2x Spearmasters flopper shafts, 1x threaded Spearmasters threaded shaft w/slip tip (all shafts 19/64th & custom made for this gun w/least amount of overhang), Ulusub reel w/Mori line, 2x 16mm tie-in bands w/ss inserts, super soft butt pad & textured trigger grips. 55” butt to tip. Gun is so frigging balanced & clean. Perfect for someone getting into the sport or salty kelp stalker. Lazer beam accurate even for a hack like me! Thx for looking. Gun lives in SF
    Email [email protected]

    30FC67ED-1706-49DA-A538-3FCFEC1379BC.jpeg 5F9AAF03-EDB0-4093-B359-512FC8FAFF2F.jpeg 7EE8DBB0-2B3B-46F0-9DB5-62703FCC3996.jpeg 4B7A66AF-DC8F-4796-8C93-06EBA1E06FE3.jpeg 34E20306-1DC8-49FE-A305-AFB66C08DED9.jpeg 062989D7-8CED-4E7A-88AF-041DB2671599.jpeg F718F294-8B74-4987-A9AF-43E1056D320C.jpeg
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