Offshore Foamer Bluefin Fishing 5/14/21



Sep 15, 2003
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Lal Parsonge
18ft Pacific Inflat. Tailman
Left Dana at grey light with my dad on our 21 grady white adventure. Put together a gameplan with temp brakes and just some educated guesses for where they were gonna be from reports prior. My intuition was right and got in the zone and started seeing jumpers, breezers, and eventually foamers. We were all alone for most of the day.

Run and gun style fishing, they were very boat shy so you had to creep in or come flying in and you might get one cast. From 9am-3pm when we left we never didn’t see a spot of fish. We ended with 2 in the 60lb range or something close to that. Had a million short bites. I stuck one on a mint/white starman 112 and another on a top secret bait haha. Fun day with pops. I know this report is a little vague but you just gotta get out there, there are miles and miles and miles of these fish. View attachment 1279795View attachment 1279797
Thanks for the care pkg-yum
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