Florida bottom Fishing Combo - Phenix Black Diamond


Feb 7, 2018
Palm Beach
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I am kind of a first time poster here but a long time lurker. I enjoy the immense amount of first hand knowledge found here discussing rigs, tackle and techniques.

The reason I purchased the Phenix Black Diamond 760H was due to all of the info found on this forum. I would have never considered Phenix before. I am very happy with that combo. For that I thank all of you

I have a question for you bottom fishing pros out here. I am looking to put together a new setup for strictly bottom fishing. Currently I have a nice combo that I enjoy consisting of 7 1/2' Phenix Black Diamond Heavy (PSW760H) with a newer Daiwa Saltiga 40HA spooled with 50lb braid.

I am only looking at star drag reels and currently do not do any jigging. This combo is strictly for bottom fishing with bait on a Carolina-type rig.

I will be going on two middle grounds trips this summer on Hubbards Flying Hub 12 hour extreme, both during red snapper season. We will be targeting red snapper and grouper in waters over 120' with 6-8oz weights. In addition I will use the combo for bottom fishing off Jupiter and hopefully on a Yankee Capts Dry Tortuga trip.....

As I am in Florida not many shops have Phenix rods so I have to glean all info from here..

My questions are:

1. I am looking at the Phenix PSW760XH to pair up with a Saltiga 50ha star drag or Trinidad 30a for a heavier combo for larger grouper and also for deeper drift fishing off southeast Florida where the Gulfstream rips and I need alot of line capacity to hold bottom in 150-200' of water while drifting ever further away from my bait placement. I could see myself using this with 65lb braid (maybe 50 lb braid) and over 12oz of weight to hold bottom sometimes. Any thoughts?

2. I am also looking at an 8' rod and have been looking at the Phenix PSW809H or XH to possibly pair up with a Saltiga 40 or Trinidad 20 to fish with 8-10oz weight in 100-150' of water. I would spool it up with 50lb braid.

If any of you guys have bottom fishing experience with these rods/reels your input is much appreciated.

FYI: I will be using these combos strictly for bottom fishing with bait and not jigging nor will I be using them for surface casting.

Thanks in advance


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Feb 18, 2020
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I have a 760H that I use for 40# dropper loops and yo yo, but doubles as my fly line. I’m happy w it.
If strictly for bottom fishing only, why not just get the 700H? Another option is the Axis 720H if you like Phenix. Underrated rod imo and cheaper than the BDs
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Apr 2, 2007
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All the information I gathered about the FLA long range. They recommend at least an 8 ft rod to keep the fish from rubbing the hull as you bring them up. FLA Sportsman's videos on you tube has good information Also Johnnies Jigs as custom rods just for the FLA fishing seen Cheers good luck
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