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Fishing with Young Children, by kmacinty

Question: I have four-year-old twin daughters and am looking forward to taking them fishing. I am a bit apprehensive about keeping my eye on both girls, plus the two to three rods, tackle and bait. What if I bring mommy … Continue reading →


Sep 27, 2007
Bend, Oregon
20' NorthRiver.
Living in Oregon, one of the key things for us was to try to pick good weather, dress them so they didn't get cold, and have extra dry clothes just in case. Probably the best thing I did was to try to fish in "target rich situations" in which the kids do not get bored and not want to go fishing the next time. Up where we live, certain lakes were stocked better than others so the kids got more action.
Other tricks to increase the fun and enthusiasm were things like packing candy or junk food that they normally did not get day to day at home.....A trip to the donut shop, or letting them pick out some crap candy of their choice just to be enjoyed on the special fishing trip. Another strategy was to stash some of their toy army men, GI Joes, Power Ranger action figures and to pull them out at just the right time to avoid boredom and make things fun. If you happen to be somewhere where it is allowed, build a fire and roast marshmallows.
I was the designated tackle guy. I rigged them up, baited hooks, cast out if they were too little. They reeled in any fish we hooked. Again the main thing was to make the outing special and fun to where they would want to do more of it in the future. For us we were trout fishing so we put the rods in some kind of rod holder to better detect bites and hook fish. When they were little I did not have them holding the rod until we had a fish on.
Make it fun and they will get more into it.
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