Fishing with the Granddaughters


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Jun 3, 2012
Vernon, Texas, USA
Alben Lee
Took my 2 oldest granddaughters (a 6 yo Lizzy and 11 yo Shorty) fishing yesterday. Prior to the fishing trip, I hooked them up with some kiddy poles and let them practice casting. I tied several rubber worms on for weights. Numerous trees in the front yard were caught as was the ceiling fan in the living room. They live in Forth Worth so they dont get to fish much. So off to the creek we went. Granny, Lizzy, Shorty, and me Papaw. Loaded up with 2 boxes of worms, grub, and drinks. We get to the creek about 11. There was some other folks already there. 2 adults, 2 girls with one about a 5 yo...and 3 teen age boys. Apparently the adults were grandparents who had about enough fun as they could stand. They lasted about 30 more minutes and left. Shorty made good casts. Lizzy? Well lets just say Papaw had to untangle numerous birdsnests...and they were both using zebco reels!! Bunches of fish were caught and tossed back in to grow. Lizzy even got brave enough to hold a worm. Papaw made a camp fire and we roasted some weiners and ate hot dogs. I will post pics later.
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