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Apr 2, 2007
la mesa ca
mike de vito
20ft nitro
Fishing Overnighter on the Fury 24-25 july 2021

EVIKE fishing sponsored a trip on the Fury out of Dana Wharf. Andrew from EVIKE was our charter master. He like always had swag for everyone and the largest fish received a SPJ spinning outfit. Rod, reel and braid. Cheers nice move by EVIKE.

We load up on time. The Fury crew does it correctly. You line up sign in at the top of the ramp. Once you get your Number you proceed to the boat. No pushing to get the location for your bag or find a rack. You are signed in in the order you arrive.

The Fury is a nice roomy boat except the bow. More on that later. The galley is spacious. If you have some girth around the middle the tables are far enough from the benches you can slide in and feel like you are in a vase. The step up to the galley is about 18-20 inches. It is easier to get in then out. The galley had great food and the best prices I have seen in a long time. Example I had a breakfast burrito, double bacon cheese burger and 4 diet cokes. Tab 20 dollars plus the 20 dollar tip.

Bunk room. There are two sides with two entrances. The ladder down is fairly steep but manageable. The bunks are a standard 6.5 foot by 28 -30 inches. The mat is comfortable. The side bunks are singles and the middle are doubles divide in half with a barrier. The top bunks are a challenge to climb up in but the middle and bottom are easy to access.

Tackle storage, There is one three tier rack. It will hold about ¾ of the tackle than there are platforms by the stairs where you can store your bags. Rod holders around the boat are plentiful.

Fishing Platform. The bow is small 4 or 5 jig throwers is tight. Eight is crazy and yes we are crazy. I cast underhand slingshot style so I was okay others Just duck and hold on to your hat. The starboard and port side have enough room where you can pass each other without having to hang over the rail. The Stern where I usually do not fish is wide and spacious. The bait tank is larger enough for our trip. They have a cooler for fish storage. You catch your fish they come get them put a number on the fish and drop them in the hold.

Crew they worked their collective butts off. Two on deck One in the galley and then n deck, Captain and second ticket. All very knowledgeable and helpful. I was retying my leader two of the deck hands at different times asked if I need their assistance. I did not have to have my Fish gaffed. But the ones that did the deck hands were right next to them and stuck the fish in a single shot.

Fishing: We went to San Clemente Island and at day break we started fishing for bottom fish. White fish, reds, Sheepshead were on the menu. I fished the bottom for a total of 5 Sheepshead, 5 reds and 5 whitefish for my total of keepers. At or about 0830 we start the hunt for Yellowtail. We found several spots during the day for good shots at the yellowtail. I was lucky enough to hook one but as my luck goes I got Sea Lion’ d. Oh life goes on. There were several upper teen size yellows caught on the trip. We ran into one spot of wide open Barracuda. Big logs 32-35 inched fish. I caught several and only kept 5. It was fun fishing for the logs with a blue colored jig. The captain called in the Thunderbird to join the slugfest.

Fish Processing. Again I could not believe my bill. I have my fish gill and gutted. I keep the heads and ribs for soup and stock. Total for 20 fish 20 dollars. A dollar per fish almost unheard of. So another 40 dollars goes into the tip jar. Money well spent.

Over view great trip and I have signed up for the next one on 24jul2021. I would like to thank the entire crew from top to bottom for a very enjoyable fishing trip. Andrew this is my fourth trip with you and EVIKE and once again you knocked it out of the park. Thank you. Cheers
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  • Aug 11, 2006
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    Great report and info. Fury another fishy boat, been around years. PS heads make better soup than soap
    WHAT NO PICS? The gang wants pics and bloody decks here!!

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    Hey! You got any frozen ice?
  • Jul 28, 2012
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    Great prices.
    Beers $4 and burgers were $8
    $12 bacon burger.
    Last time I was on a charter.
    Fury is smart. Charge a decent amount and get great tips.
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    Tar Pit

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  • Mar 7, 2006
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    I leave Thursday night to fish Friday on the Fury. Thanks for the report.
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    Jul 26, 2007
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    Great report. Love the details about boat setup.

    Good fishin'!
    BDC OK
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