Salmon Eye Charters
Jun 10, 2010
Sam Vandervalk
28 ft Baha Cruiser
The fishing the past couple weeks has been decent. The coho have arrived in close to shore which it’s really great to see. Not every day has been on fire for chinook fishing but if you put your time in you will get fish.

The wind have not moved into our favourite day as much as we would like to see but that can actually be better for live squid fishing sometimes. The bites have been in a few different places. Great bear, the red can, Wyatt, and Florencio have been the best spots. Small spoons are working in most places and early morning hutchies to be doing well too.

Halibut are biting in many places. Long Beach, Big Bank , outside Lighthouse House bank, and sometimes inside as well. As we get closer to the end of the month most of the halibut will be cut further offshore. Most people are catching them on the anger know in some areas you can drift fish.

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Below, some pictures of the last few days.

Tight lines,

Sam Vandervalk

Salmon Eye Fishing Charters

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