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    For the past few years I've fished San Jose and San Lucas in September as I consider this prime time for cow tuna or big blue and black marlin. It doesn't hurt it is the slow season with cheaper flights, accommodation and generally less circus. We always stay in San Jose because it is more genuine and quieter. Like previous years we split the fishing days between San Jose and San Lucas. In San Jose we fish with "El Brujo" and his sons, Alexis and Allen. In San Lucas we fish with Jaime "Tonchi" Gonzalez.

    The main difference is this year our group had doubled to 4 anglers. This meant fishing 2 super pangas out of San Jose, each panga with 2 anglers, and upgrading to Jaime's 31 ft Cabo Commander center console, that accommodated all 4 anglers easily.

    First Day of Fishing 9/22/22: San Jose

    Even after 20 years of fishing here, the excitement in the morning while getting bait and watching the sunrise never gets dull!

    Both pangas head out with sardinas north to the Iman and San Luis banks in search of the dorado. Boy did we find them! The panga I fished in found 2 big schools of dorado. We began releasing them by 8am! Both schools easily had 40-50 dodos, all chasing our sardinas. The other panga, never found any schools but had a very consistent bite of two or threes for the entire day. Both boats finish with dodo limits! Some Photos from day 1:

    Second Day of Fishing 9/23/22: San Lucas

    For a second day we change it up and are fishing with Jaime Gonzalez on his Cabo Comander. He talk over the options and tell him about our excellent day 1 with plenty of dorado. I tell him, "let's go big or go home!" He decides to not follow the fleet and instead head due East to the 1150 bank for either tuna or a big blue or black marlin. We begin trolling big lures at the 1150 spot and get hit by a dorado within minutes.

    First, here's a nice shot of the bow of the Cabo Comander, just begining to troll at the 1150

    There's only one other boat in the vicinity, La Chingona with the Pisces fleet. They have found some spinner dolphin and are trying to coax up some tuna. We head on over to see if we can join in. It takes awhile, but we eventually find a bigger school of spinners with birds working hard. After a few minutes of trolling around and getting in front of the school, we finally begin to find the tuna. All the tuna we caught were football size. We even had a quad hook up and landed all 4.

    Majority of the tuna came on ceder plugs. A few others hit the small blue lure. At the end of the day we found ourselves about 55 miles offshore. Jaime and his deck hand were working hard and both having fun. Always smiling, joking around and having a good time. It was a pleasure to be on the water with him. He went the extra distance and we came home big. Tuna have been scarce this year, so even multiple footballs for each of us is a big win. La Chingona fished the same school next to us but we never saw them hooked up? It was strange, we surly had a lot of luck with the tuna. Even had them chasing the lures on the outriggers splashing in and out of the water close to the boat. Very fun to watch.

    Third day of Fishing 9/24/22: San Jose

    For the third day we were backing in San Jose fishing pangas. All 4 anglers had to cram into 1 panga, because one of the captains wives gave birth to a baby just hours before. We were very happy for the new baby and made due with the cramped conditions. It paid off, because on this day the wind started to come up and never let down. In fact we finished fishing early with only 1 dorado. It was not worth fighting the wind and rough seas, we welcomed the rest an early return allowed us. The radio was pretty quiet all morning with most boats only able to scratch one or two dodos. The quick and easy action of the previous days had all of a sudden stopped. This day was our "worst" day of fishing, with 2 hook ups on dorado and one landed.

    Fourth day of Fishing 9/25/22: San Lucas

    Our final day of fishing was again with Jaime. This day we instead head up the pacific side to the Golden gate bank. The majority of the fleet was also on the pacific side but stayed closer to San Lucas, migrino / light house area. They were also catching dorados and stripped marlin. Jaime had great success the prior day at Golden Gate and wanted to try mainly for stripped marlin. He said the schools of mackerel were there and was very excited in the morning.

    Upon arrival at the golden gate bank we start trolling 2 lures and 2 ballyhoo. It took about 20 minutes until we had our first marlin in the spread. It hit a ballyhoo and was off to the races. Two of the group had never fought or caught marlin before so they were up first. The first angler had a great battle and unfortunately the marlin got hit by the prop, so we ended up keeping this marlin.

    We began to catch mackerel using sabiki rigs. We were drift fishing with mackerel on the surface and one on a down rigger. We hooked up a few on the down rigger. the action on the down rigger was much quicker than the surface baits.

    At the end of the day, we leadered 5 marlin out of 10 hook ups! Each one of us leadered one and one of the new guys caught 2. An incredible day to say the least. It was very fun for all of us to see the marlin free swiming and jumping. There was lots of life on the golden gate bank, with whales, dolphin, birds, sea lions and turtles. Again another fun day with the always smiling Jaime. The cabo commander is extremely well outfitted. All of the gear is top notch and in excellent condition The down rigger made a big difference as the other boats around us were only soaking surface baits and didn't have the same hook ups.

    In the end, this was an excellent fishing trip! Personally I was after the "La Mama" marlin, but very happy with our catch. "La Mama" will have to wait until next year. Dorado were everywhere and easy to catch on sardines, squid, mackerel and caballito. We could see bulls on the outsides of the schools but the smaller fish were just too fast and plentiful. Regardless, every day was action packed and very different from the others. It has been a long time since I've caught tuna, dorado and marlin all on the same trip. All of us had a great time. The new guys are already counting the days down to next September!

    I highly recommend El Brujo and his sons out of San Jose and Jaime Gonzalez out of San Lucas. They each have their own flavor of fishing. Hope enjoyed the report. I can provide the contact information for El Brujo by PM / DM.
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    Great report/read/info/pics and NICE FISH all.
    Love San Jose...fished the pangas a few times there. Glad you all had a great trip down there.
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