Fishing Report September 12, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, HI


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. Nothing has changed since the last report. Mahis are the most common catch along with a few marlin and onos. The following photos show some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their catch from the past month or so.

Garrett McClure, only 14 years old, caught a 600 lb blue marlin. In accordance with Start Me Up’s policy for fish over 500 lbs, the trip was free and a $300 donation was made to a local charity. Way to fire Garrett!

The Craytor family caught their 443 lb blue marlin on a Pakula Sprocket while trolling through the nighttime opelu grounds, which are about 5 miles outside Lahaina Harbor.

Catching 7 mahis singlehandedly can be tiring, especially when they are all decent size.

Father and son teamed up for a full stringer of mahis.

These Texans took a break from Gulf fishing to do some big gaming. They got lucky and scored a blue marlin.

Nobody was surprised that a 400 pounder took down the Coggin Tado on the short corner.

This 335 lb blue marlin couldn’t resist the action of an Aloha Lures Super Ninja.

The mahis and tunas may be small, but the 3 sharks that these anglers caught and released were tough fighters on standup tackle.

The highlight of the day was tagging and releasing a 225 lb blue marlin on the way in after catching an ono and a couple mahis.

Trolling the inside pinnacles produced a pair of onos.

Fishing the coastline of Molokai was an option thanks to light winds. This family took advantage of the calm weather and picked up a few fish.

These guys also had some bites at Molokai.

A 342 lb blue marlin is the catch of a lifetime for almost everyone.

Live opelus sparked a feeding frenzy and the mahis bit like crazy.

The Blodgetts caught their marlin on an afternoon trip.

These first timers did a lot of research and finally settled on an early departure trip. Their efforts paid off in the form of a dozen mahis.

Tight drag and a sharp hook caused this 385 lb blue marlin to get snagged as it bill whacked the short corner lure.

That’s a nice bull mahi.

Shortbill spearfish have been an elusive catch lately.

A favorable current brought some fish to the buoy.

Spending the time and going the distance allowed these guys to catch a nice stringer of mahis.

Many people enjoy simply being out on the water. Catching 13 mahis doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. Until the next one, tight lines.



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Aug 6, 2010
Wahiawa,HI USA
building one
Way to go on another successful month, a lot of big blues amongst those mahis.


I've posted enough I should edit this section
Jul 13, 2012
Honolulu, hawaii
170 Montauk
Way to go. Looks like you had a month or so of stoked customers. Like Darren said, plenty marlin in the mix.