Fishing Report November 22, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, HI


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. Only a few marlin were caught this past month but the mahis are still biting. There have also been a few tunas and onos around.

Some bigger mahis have found their way to Maui's waters. Stacie from California caught a 30 lb cow.

Molokai can be a great place to get a mixed bag of fish.

These Arizona residents swapped their golf clubs for fishing rods. Instead of playing 18 holes, they reeled in 18 mahis and even had a marlin bite.

Light winds and hungry fish made for a great day on the water.

These newlyweds had fun catching a few mahis.

Shortbill spearfish are trophy fish, especially when they weigh over 50 lbs.

The mahi bite has been fairly consistent for months. Most of those fish were small, but more quality mahis are starting to show up.

The smallest guy caught the biggest fish.

Five mahis for five anglers. You could say that they caught the perfect amount of fish.

A single trolling bite resulted in numerous fish. One mahi grabbed a lure and others in the open school ate drop back opelus.

Stopping to catch bait paid off when these mahis inhaled live opelus.

These boys got lucky and found a piece of floating debris that was surrounded by fish.

Here's some more mahis from a different camera angle.

That mahi managed to choke down an entire live opelu.

The action didn't last long, but the anglers emerged from the flurry with a few fish.

These dads woke up in the middle of night. Rather than soothe a crying child, they went fishing and scored some mahis.

A quadruple mahi bite had all these anglers hooked up at the same time. They finished the day with 4 more mahis and an ono.

Cloudy skies and a little rain certainly didn't slow down the bite.

The biggest mahi weighed 46 lbs and the other ones don't look small in comparison. That's a great day.

Thanks for taking a look at this Start Me Up fishing report.

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Jul 3, 2009
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The most impressive fish is that cane knife that managed to get a whole opelu down, that's determination right there!


I've posted enough I should edit this section
Nov 9, 2009
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Steady on the mahi's, happy charters!