Fishing Report January 19, 2014 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, HI


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
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Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. The winter bite has been exciting so far. Billfish seem to be abundant as striped marlin and shortbill spearfish are caught almost daily. In addition, the first two weeks of 2014 yielded some nice blue marlin. Trolling, our preferred method of catching billfish, is also producing the bulk of the mahimahi catch. Although the FADs around Maui are currently holding bait, mahis and decent tunas are not regularly concentrated at the buoys. Here are some recent photos.

Another day begins…

The mahis were finicky from the start and they quit biting altogether after a nice bull shook the hook.

A section of fence was found behind Lanai. A number of fish, including these mahis, came off the floater over the course of the day.

That's a successful afternoon trip.

What's bigger, the fish or the angler?

Father and son capitalized on the sunset bottom bite. They caught an uku and a bunch of other fish that they released.

This enthusiast caught his first billfish, a striped marlin. He also had a shot at a blue marlin.

Trolling produced a pair of mahis and a big wintertime ono.

Everyone had a good time catching mahis and shibis at the buoy. Getting a double striped marlin bite on the way home was a bonus.

This bull mahi weighed in at 28 lbs.

A colorful shortbill spearfish cooperated for a photo before going back in the water.

Dragging live opelu around the inside pinnacles resulted in a trophy mahimahi.

These repeat anglers brought their good luck and scored a couple of quality fish at the buoy.

The shibis look small in comparison to that 17 lb aku, which choked down a live opelu.

A mahi for everyone. Perfect!

This bull mahi couldn't resist the action of a trolled lure.

These guys had a pleasant evening that featured plenty of whales and even a mahi.

Here's an estimated 50 lb striped marlin being tagged and released.

The sharks in Lahaina Harbor sometimes get aggressive. Transferring a nice fish from the boat to the scale can be an adventure.

The sharks weren't able to get a bite of this blue marlin. The 372 pounder came up in the same area as a 500 pounder that was caught the day before.

Tight lines,