Fishing Octopus Ink Tablets on my Okuma Rig! A First!


Scuba Chris

May 17, 2016
Kapolei, HI
Christopher Takahashi
Christina Ann
Adding an Octopus Ink Pellet to my Surf Rig?

I have some Octopus jigging lures from Mustad that uses an ink pellet derived from real Octopus ink. Just so happens i have extra packets of those pellets so i decided to use some for what it wasn't intended for. In theory it should attract carnivorous reef species like Jacks by visually seeing the ink plumes to the added scent of it in the water.

This day wasn't a good day for fishing. It wasn't too crowded but there was a fair number of anglers the day after Thanksgiving. I checked and nobody got any strikes. Even my local buddy Jeff Konn told me latter that evening that it was a slow week for everyone he knew as well. But the pellets did attract smaller species that ate the thick squid legs completely.

I know this'll work so i'll try it again when i'm feeling better as i now caught the flu from the storm that followed this outing that night. I was the last one left out there. By the time i got back to my car i was drenched & my gear was rinsed off by Mother Nature.