Fishing in Arroyo City

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    I went fishing by myself a few days ago. Started the day catching a few trout (keepers/dinks) on Grasswalkers Coastal Gold. The first red of the day that I hooked up, which was a mid size slot red, busted my leader at the loop of my loop knot, taking with him the only Coastal Gold Colored lure that I thought I had. I had that leader on for a couple of trips and hadn't bothered to check it. I switched over to a Chicken on chain colored Grasswalker and finished catching my limit of trout on them. Eventually, I found an old Coastral Gold colored lure that was pretty beat up and ended catching 2 slot reds (24" and 21 1/4" red) a few undersized reds before calling it a day. Fish were caught in about 10 in. - 1.5 ft. of water. I attached a link to a video of my trip. Hope you enjoy. Be safe and God Bless!

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