Offshore Fishing for bluefin no catching

Dan Salazar

Aug 23, 2014
Costa Mesa
Dan Salazar
Rum Runner

Thursday fish the inside of the 14 on the the 14 and the back side to the middle of the shipping line
Heard of foamers in the shipping lane we ourselves did not see any
70゚ purple blue water lots of bait I did not mark any fish
Original plan was to fish through dusk as it was high slack dark but I was not comfortable staying in the shipping lane after dark

Friday day 2
I'd heard of a nice Dorado being caught and thought we would head South looking for Patty's and Dorado-Yellowtail
The handful of patties we found were all loaded with small midsize anchovies
No fish
Again very pretty purple blue water 69 to 70
It seemed like there was massive amounts of bait everywhere we went
It's worked our way to the 181 and ultimately ended up Northwest of the 181
I half a dozen other boats
most were using kite gear
Tried a variety of techniques including trolling halco rapallas
Used sinker Riggs and flyline with both sardine and Mini Macs
We did see fish up spots of foamers marked a good amount of fish up but did not get any to go
Headed for the barn Dana Point about 7:30 and got into the slip about 10:30

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