Fishdope, 976 bite, something else or not worth it ?

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    What do you guys think? Are these helpful or a waste of money? My problem is a serious lack of "local knowledge" so they do look tempting.
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    i have no experience with the others but fish dope is worth it to me. i live inland and don't have any friends that fish regularly, so FD is my code group. now just need to make time to fish....
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    Fishdope......nuff said....thanks for playing
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    Use to be Western Out Of Date news.
    Always been calling all 4 landings every night for fish counts.

    976 Tuna I think it was Phil Freeman ( The Voice) came out and my Wife called me into the garage and wanted to know why all these 976 call on the phone bill. That when you just called in to get reports.
    I had a business line that blocked or charged for them back then.

    With The interweb thing Al Coast the LA site and Bloody Decks was good info.

    976 bite came online is and has always been great and cheap and was shared by way to many people on one sign in name.

    Then Terrain charts.

    FishDope is the newest and most improved and you pay $$.
    But like they say with the cost of going out $$$.
    Heading the right direction is a great thing!!
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    I am a big fan of and extremely loyal to 976 Bite. I have worked with Bob since the early 90's. I have always found the reports very accurate, easpecially when fishing Occeanside and south. Many times we have been on fish,uncrowded fishing an area only listed on 976bite and not on the others. I fish to get away and don't want a crowd. Clearly I post alot on Bd. I love it, support it and I believe it is a very worthwhile blog. Fish Dope is competeitor of 976Bite, I hear it has great reports. I believe they both benefit our Sportsfishing, both serve slightly different needs andpurposes. I wish there was more collaboration among them so that together as a united voice to more strongly represent the sport we all are so dedicted to.
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    Sample Fishdope report.

    Monday April 4th 2016

    Report Updated: April 4, 2016 at 1:28 pm
    —– Weather —–
    LIVE Weather Broadcast
    Northern Sector – Santa Barbara to LA
    Southern Sector – Orange and San Diego County and SCI

    —– Bait Report —–
    Bait Barge Contact Info
    Everingham Bros Bait Company

    San Diego – 5-7″ Sardine – 4-5″ Anchovy (4-4)
    Mission Bay – 5-7″ Sardine (4-4)
    Oceanside Bait Barge Recording (760) 434-1183 – Good supply of 5-6″ Sardine with 6″ Mackerel (3-30)
    Dana Point – 4-6″ Sardine (4-3)
    Newport Bait Barge (310) 461-5370 – REOPENED 3/30 – 5-7″ Sardine (3-31)
    San Pedro Bait Barge (310) 365-2516 CH.11 – 5-7″ Sardines (3-31)
    Redondo Bait Report (310) 372-2111 – Medium to large Anchovy & Sardine by appointment only (4-2).
    If someone needs bait and no one is at the barge you can call Redondo Sport Fishing if it is before noon and they will try and get someone out there to help.
    CISCOS Bait Barge – Anchovy (4-2)


    San Miguel and Santa Rosa Islands
    … Small Craft Advisory remains in effect until 9 PM PDT Tuesday…
    All blown out again. The Lingcod will have to wait…
    They bit really good over the weekend and will very likely bite again as soon as the wind stops blowing.

    Santa Cruz Island
    The On again, off again Yellowtail bite at Yellow Banks is still off after several days of nothing. Not sure it even got looked at yesterday or this morning.
    One thing is certain…
    If you come to this spot to fish the Yellowtail bring the heavy gear! 50-60lb yoyo gear is perfect. Anything less and you run the risk of getting rocked.
    If the Yellows are around they will show on the meter down in the lower 1/3rd of the water column in water that is 180 to 240 feet deep. If the wind isn’t blowing you can get away with the 6XJR but most likely you will need the full size 6X or even the 7X to get down.
    The Scrambled Egg color seem to be the ticket but Blue/white and Dorado are working too.
    34 01.300 x 119 32.200 Smugglers Cove
    34 00.600 x 119 32.660 Yellowbanks Anchorage
    34 00.070 x 119 32.610 Middle Anchorage
    33 59.400 x 119 32.550 Yellowbanks Reef
    33 59.324 x 119 33.900 Yellowbanks – Fenceline

    San Nicolas Island
    … Small Craft Advisory remains in effect until 9 PM PDT Tuesday…
    Weather permitting the Lingcod and Rockfish action is outstanding.
    It was very breezy yesterday but the guys managed to score limits in the brutal conditions.
    The drift was so fast it was taking 12 oz to hold bottom in just 120 feet.
    Nobody is there today as the conditions are even worse.
    Due to the distance offshore and the high chances the weather will be bad at some point during any given 24 hour period we suggest you take the El Dorado out of Long Beach Sportfishing. Call them at 562-432-8993 to book a spot.

    Santa Monica Bay
    It’s all about the Rockfish and the South Bank and the Volcanic Reef are the locations.
    There are a ton of stones to look at, so if you don’t meter fish on the one you are at go find another one.
    The numbers listed below are just a small fraction of what is really there.
    – Marina Del Rey Short Banks Rockfish –
    33 57.250 x 118 34.000 Out Front Spot
    33 54.960 x 118 33.170 Short Bank
    33 54.000 x 118 36.470 Northwest South Bank
    33 53.900 x 118 34.870 South Bank Bumps
    33 53.520 x 118 35.640 South Bank West
    33 53.458 x 118 35.641 South Bank
    33 52.830 x 118 37.120 South Bank Outside Edge
    33 53.000 x 118 33.810 South Bank 33 Fathoms
    33 52.870 x 118 32.130 Inside South Bank Pinnacle 26 Fathoms
    33 53.150 x 118 31.500 Sculpin Hardbottom Area
    33 52.070 x 118 34.950 SW Bank 40 Fathoms
    33 51.950 x 118 30.440 Inside SW Bank 33 Fathoms
    – Redondo Rockfish –
    33 51.230 x 118 36.550 Volcanic Reef Northwest Spot
    33 50.270 x 118 35.960 Volcanic Reef
    33 50.710 x 118 34.050 Volcanic Reef East
    33 47.801 x 118 27.350 37 Fathom Spot
    33 47.510 x 118 29.420 36 Fathom Pinnacle

    Catalina Island
    West End:
    There are Yellowtail to be caught but many of them are small in the 4-6lb class. About 1/3rd of them are the bigger 10-13lb grade. Fly lined Sardines are working best with very little coming on the iron.
    The fish continue to show from Iron Bound to Cape Cortez and again on the Farnsworth Bank.
    Also in the same area you can find small numbers of Barracuda and Calico Bass. Even a few Bonito if you like those.
    If the Yellowtail and Barracuda don’t work for you the Rockfish most defiantly will. Hit the West End Humps area for all you want Rockfish.
    33 26.835 x 118 34.689 Iron Bound
    33 26.408 x 118 34.482 Ribbon Rock
    33 25.960 x 118 33.559 Whale Rock
    33 25.701 x 118 31.996 Cape Cortes
    – Rockfish Spots –
    33 28.000 x 118 37.160 West End Humps 1
    33 27.880 x 118 37.170 West End Humps 2
    33 27.840 x 118 36.830 West End Humps 3

    East End:
    Re-posting this as it is current and is unchanged.
    The Bonito are back. The areas just above and below Avalon is holding plenty of 2-3lb grade Bones. Trolling small feathers or Rapala’s will locate the schools and then chumming them with live Anchovy will hold them to the boat.
    No Anchovy? Well then just cast shiny chrome lures like a 3/4oz Kastmaster or Kroc-o-dile until the school moves away and then repeat the process.
    The other good bite is for Rockfish. The East End spot is working excellent with easy limits the rule.
    – Front Side (West to East) –
    33 21.729 x 118 20.099 Frog Rock
    33 20.050 x 118 18.520 Pebbly Beach
    33 19.819 x 118 18.416 Can Dump Kelp
    33 19.320 x 118 18.230 East End Quarry
    33 19.225 x 118 18.169 Jewfish Point
    33 18.800 x 118 18.180 The Slide
    – Rockfish –
    33 17.190 x 118 18.320 East End Rockfish 1 (46 Fathoms)
    33 17.240 x 118 18.340 East End Rockfish 2 (48 Fathoms)
    33 17.220 x 118 18.420 East End Rockfish 3 (47 Fathoms)

    San Clemente Island
    Yellowtail are scattered all around the Island with no area being a stand out right now.
    Desperation Reef was holding a good number of 15-25lb Yellows but has since gone quiet.
    Scattered schools of 4-12lb Yellows are spread up the back side from Lost Point all the way to the 9 fathom spot.
    Smaller grade 5-12lb Yellows are spread out along the front from Gold Bluff to Little Flower.
    Lastly some Yellows are roaming around in the cove but no volume
    There is a little bit of 4-6lb Bonito around, most of which is on the front side and the odd Barracuda, again on the front side.
    What is biting good is Rockfish. Reds and Bocaccios are biting great at the 29 fathom spot and other spots along the back side in 250 to 350 feet.
    – Front Side (North to South) –
    32 53.512 x 118 26.360 White Rock
    32 52.292 x 118 24.771 Purse Seine Rock
    32 51.632 x 118 23.977 Mosquito Cove
    32 51.361 x 118 23.461 Tight Spot
    32 50.490 x 118 22.150 Little Flower (Caution – boiler rock)
    32 49.790 x 118 21.500 Fish Hook (Caution – shoals)
    32 48.920 x 118 21.250 Pyramid Head
    32 49.000 x 118 21.500 Pyramid Reef
    32 48.901 x 118 21.631 Pyramid Head Outside Boiler (Caution – boiler rock)
    32 49.000 x 118 23.000 Pyramid Cove
    – Back Side (North to South) –
    33 02.650 x 118 37.580 9 Fathom Spot
    33 00.797 x 118 36.878 Runway Kelp
    33 00.500 x 118 35.670 West Cove
    32 59.460 x 118 35.370 The Dunes
    32 47.750 x 118 26.000 China Point
    32 48.450 x 118 24.170 The Caves
    32 46.000 x 118 24.500 29 Fathom Spot
    32 45.520 x 118 24.520 Desperation Reef
    Always make sure the Island is open before making the run.
    Click here for Island Info

    LA Harbor
    The water turned really ugly again. No chance of surface fish right now.
    Rockfish and Sculpin is the only option right now with water conditions like this.
    The western slope of the Horseshoe at spots like Potter’s or Watson’s or hit the Southeast Bank.
    Both areas are turning up fair numbers of Reds, Bocaccios, Florida, Coppers, Chucks, Sheephead, Whitefish and an assortment of other Red type Rockfish.
    The 150 is quiet except for a fair Sculpin bite
    – Horseshoe Area West Slope –
    33 39.900 x 118 17.810 Watson’s Reef
    33 39.850 x 118 16.820 Finger Reef
    33 38.800 x 118 16.310 Potter’s Reef
    33 38.700 x 118 16.400 Southwest Bank
    33 37.640 x 118 15.390 Slimey Slope
    33 36.030 x 118 16.010 46 Fathom Reef
    33 35.790 x 118 16.270 Peterson’s Pinnacles
    – Outer Rigs Area –
    33 34.360 x 118 12.800 Sculpin Hole
    33.35.568 x 118.10.291 Sculpin Rockpile
    33.35.607 x 118.10.264 Sculpin
    33 35.620 x 118 09.750 150 Spot
    33 35.410 x 118 07.890 Double Rigs Reef
    33 34.250 x 118 08.760 Sculpin Spot
    33 34.130 x 118 08.320 Southeast Bank

    Newport Beach
    Slow. Best bet is the twilight hours for Sand Bass and Sculpin. Try hitting the pipe in 180 feet with the leadhead and Squid combo.
    – Santa Ana River Pipe –
    33 36.870 x 117 58.360 Bend in Pipe
    33 36.640 x 117 58.430 New Pipe
    33 36.630 x 117 58.580 End of Old Pipe
    33 36.240 x 117 58.630 New Pipe 2
    33 34.440 x 117 59.930 180′ Section Sculpin Hole

    Dana Point
    Nothing new to report in this area:
    Best fishing, by far, is for the Rockfish and Sculpin at Box Canyon. The Red Crab has moved out and the fish are hungry again. The guys are now scoring limits or close to it of Reds, Bocaccios, Sheephead and Sculpin. Plenty of Sand Dabs too if you drift of the rockpiles.
    Surface action is really slow. Just a few Calico and Sand Bass. Best bet for those is north of the harbor in the Salt Creek to 3 arch bay area.
    – Calico Bass –
    33 29.690 x 117 44.660 Thousand Steps
    33 29.210 x 117 44.325 Mussel Cove / 3 Arch Bay
    33 28.970 x 117 44.020 Monarch Boilers
    33 28.565 x 117 44.040 Salt Creek
    33 27.320 x 117 43.380 Dana Point Kelp – Red Buoy
    33 27.390 x 117 42.830 San Juan Rock
    – Rockfish & Sculpin –
    33 16.140 x 117 35.660 Box Canyon – Sculpin area
    33 17.290 x 117 34.150 Box Canyon – Yellowtail & Rockfish area

    Del Mar / La Jolla
    Just about everyday somebody scores a nice Yellowtail or 2 in the early AM but other than that the fishing is really slow.
    The Red Crab, Krill and Mackerel are still around although it does appear to be thinning out.
    After the early morning shot at a Yellowtail the rest of the day offers up lot’s of Mackerel and a few smallish Rockfish.

    Point Loma
    Slow and not worth the effort. Just a few Sand Bass, Sculpin and tiny Rockfish
    32 39.150 x 117 15.720 The Dropoff
    32 38.250 x 117 14.500 Buoy 3 Hardbottom
    32 37.470 x 117 14.720 Whistler Buoy

    Imperial Beach
    The boats keep coming to the Pipe and seeing Yellowtail but not catching it. What they are catching is a few Sand Bass and Sculpin.
    There is a little bit of Short Halibut and Short White Seabass biting on the flats but again they are all shorts so why bother?
    32 32.300 x 117 10.800 Imperial Beach Pipe

    ——— Mexican waters ————
    Make sure to get all your temporary Visas (FMN), Passport, and Mexican fishing licenses before going into Mexican waters!
    You do not want to be the boat that gets towed in to Ensenada by the Mexican government.

    Bull Ring / Rosarito Flats
    If you are into Barracuda this location is now worth having a look at. There was volume seen on the Finger Bank last week and they were moving a .5 mile a day north for a couple days before pulling an MIA. They could pop back up at any time and this area is famous for Barracuda when they are around.
    Yes this is early but everything seems to be running a few months early again this year just like the past 2 years.
    32 31.500 x 117 08.600 Bull Ring
    32 21.000 x 117 06.500 Rosarito Flats (Big area)

    Coronado Islands
    Not very good right now. The water is dirty and chilly through out the entire zone, all the way down to the Finger Bank.
    Yellowtail are hard to come by. There are still a few fish in the NE of South Island down to Ribbon Kelp area but the volume is not there just a few fish. There are some Yellowtail at the Rockpile but are reported to be tiny 1-2lb fish.
    The Finger Bank isn’t much better Still a few fish milling around the 32.08 x 117.05 area but for the most part these fish are gone. Where they went is anybody’s guess.
    Even the rockfish action is slow. The fish are stuffed full of Red Crab and krill and just don’t want to bite worth a dam.
    32 25.810 x 117 15.950 Middle Grounds
    32 24.780 x 117 15.725 Genoa Kelp
    32 25.370 x 117 15.060 Gunsight
    32 24.800 x 117 13.880 Ribbon Kelp
    32 17.620 x 117 10.030 Rockpile

    Nothing new to add: This was the dope as of Sunday 4-3:
    Big spots of Yellowtail are breezing on the surface in the area around the San Miguel Reef. Guys chasing the schools are scoring the Yellows with the surface iron. Blue/white and Sardine colors are working good.
    On the bottom at the reef the Lingcod and Reds are biting so after you finish playing with the Yellows you can drop down and load up on the good eaters.
    31 51.200 x 116 48.100 San Miguel Reef

    Excellent Yellowtail fishing continues. The early morning hours sees all the action as yoyo iron, deep water fish but as the day wears on some of the fish are moving up closer to the surface and the 3/4oz slider rig with a live Sardine starts working really good.
    The bite remain right on the high spot while the ridge just to the west also has some Yellowtail along with really good fishing for Reds and Ling Cod.
    – Colonet –
    30 53.800 x 116 30.200 Colonet High Spot 28 Fathoms – Yellowtail
    30 50.600 x 116 30.350 Colonet 41 Fathoms – Lingcod & Rockfish

    Members, please take note…
    This location is 112 miles south of Point Loma and as such we recommend you take one of the big sport boats out of Seaforth Landing in Mission Bay or one from any of the big 3 in San Diego, H&M, Point Loma, or Fisherman’s.
    They all have 1.5 day and some 2.5 day trips running down to fish these yellows on the weekends. If you want to get in on this you best call and make a reservation ASAP as the spots are selling off quickly.
    Seaforth Landing… (619) 224-3383
    H&M Landing… (619) 222-1144
    Point Loma Sportfishing… (619) 223-1627
    Fisherman’s Landing… (619) 221-8500

    OFFSHORE Section

    Bluefin Tuna
    The Tuna have become much harder to come by. Yesterday ended up being brutal for most. This morning doesn’t appear to be any better. All the reports this morning are of slow fishing.
    Many not seeing any signal of fish at all. Conditions were brutal yesterday with wind and plenty of slop and chop. It is better this morning but not great
    Still scattered catches happened over a wide area including the Off Dana Point, 9 Mile Bank, 60 Mile Bank and in Mexican waters down off the Finger Bank.
    The biggest grade of Tuna, those in the 50-60lb class and the 100lb stuff seems to be more along the coast than at the far offshore areas. The fish on the outside appear to be almost straight 18-25lb grade with only a few in the 50-60lb class.
    It is still an afternoon thing. Nobody, except for the 60 mile bank is seeing anything on the surface until after about 1-2pm in the afternoon. The mornings are just seeing some meter marks scattered around. There doesn’t appear to be any “meat” around just yet. More fish need to move in before it gets crazy.

    Off Dana Point
    Most are not seeing anything. Kelps found are not holding anything but there was a single 50lb Bluefin caught in the late afternoon near the 267. This one came off a meter mark on a colt sniper.
    So far this morning it is quiet.

    Got looked at hard by a number of sportboats yesterday and they came up empty.
    This morning a few private boaters are working the area and they are also coming up empty.

    43 Fathom Spot
    Dead Zone. No life. No Bait, no Birds, no fish

    178 / Upper 9 Mile Bank
    Report from Conor on the Nooner:
    Hit the 9 Mile Bank
    Completely lifeless. Saw maybe 2 birds over 6 hours. Fished mostly the afternoon til 5.

    Report from Kirk Albrektsen:
    Sunday- Fished the ridge which extends up past the upper nine, stayed onthe outside edge by a couple miles and started 14 miles wsw Of LJ. Worked the ridge down and in for 10 miles. No fish caught, one legit meter mark and quite a bit of wind driven slop. Spoke to a boat named Flying Squirrel, said he had lots of meter marks in the same area but no biters.

    60 Mile Bank
    Best Bluefin action is coming from the high spot.
    These Tuna are nearly all in the 18-22lb class with a few larger. The location remains the same. Work a 1-2 mile box around 32.06 x 118.14.
    15-17lb fluorocarbon and a small #1 hook is a must! Guys fishing with 25lb mono are barely getting bit and the guys fishing heavier stuff are not getting bit at all.
    The weather is snotty with 10-15 knots of wind and choppy seas. Very tight swell with only a 7 second period.
    Not nice at all!!

    —–Mexican Waters—–

    Reported to be very quiet. Not much of anything happening.
    There is a small kelp at 32.30 x 117.34 loaded with 1-2lb Yellowtail but nothing else.

    Finger Bank
    Just a bit out to the west of where the Yellowtail have been showing the larger grade 40-60lb Bluefin were found yesterday afternoon by the Royal Polaris while running south on a Long Range trip.
    Have a look in and around the area of 32.07 x 117.20 to 32.05 x 117.14.
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    Click the images for full resolution

    Chlorophyll chart

    SST Chart

    Fishdope Hotbites (location of fish right on chart)

    Live VHF right at your desk

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