Fish Cat Streamer XL Pontoon


Apr 28, 2007
East Los Angeles near 60 & 710 frwys
Benjamin R. S.
Pontoon, float tube, kayak
Up for sale Fish Cat Streamer XL $175.00 Pending

Well used, I'm the third owner as to my knowledge. The previous owner sold it to me for $250 with fish finder attached, which I already sold separately. This is why I'm selling for $175.00 now.

Heavy duty solid frame, some wear and show signs of use, overall in decent condition. The tubes are faded and must have been left in the sun over a few days by one of the owners as you could see the fade marks in the pictures. Oars are in working order, again signs of wear and tear, overall in decent shape and very functional. I have never had any issues with leaks or having to patch any holes.

Sorry tubes were backwards in quick mock set-up, have all the straps and one big side pouch to carry spare gear or a few beers.

Streamer XL $175 Pending

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