Offshore First timers luck



Aug 24, 2009
Oceanside Ca
21 Parker cc , and 2556 cierra yes its a bayliner (The Dude Man)
Most of the meat has been smoked and vac packed. A few loin steaks were processed. Marlins that are hooked and fought for a long time will almost always die soon after being released. The 30# line made for a long fight. We did not know what was hooked until the last few minutes of the fight. Many kill rat YT's--less than 10+ lbs or YFT's about the same size? Take a sport boat and see what they keep! We don't, I net them and release them. Bottom line, you were not there to see the condition of the marlin when we got it along side of my boat. Pass the popcorn, end of my response!
Good for you man I kept my first marlin and it was awesome! Big Congrats
Btw put the wood to the fish at the 371 today! Sweet
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