First Time Limit of Reds inm South Bay


Dec 22, 2018
Port Isabel, Texas
Edwardo Rodriguez Jr.
2013 15' Shallow Sport Classic / 1955 14' Sea King
Went with my wife and two younger kids to South Bay in the LLM. Started the day off drifting but only managed a couple of rat reds. After a while we anchored (stake). My 7 year old daughter was the first to hook up after anchoring. What we thought at first to be a red turned out to be two slot reds. (23" & 25 1/2"). A few minutes later she hooked up to her personal best 27 1/4" redfish completing her first time catching a limit. After this, my wife caught a 23" red. Followed by my son catching a 24 1/2" red. Before this, he lost a nice red that was in the upper slot to oversized range close to the boat. When the fish he lost would take off you could see two smaller fish trailing about 8 - 10 ft behind. We were using double drop rigs so we only had two hooks on there. However, it seemed like he had three fish on the line. After fighting him for about 1.5 - 2 minutes the redfish got off. Yet, when he reeled his line in he had a hardhead and an undersized redfish on his hooks. The only thing I can think of is that the redfish that got away must have somehow been tangled on the line. It just seems strange that he was tangled on there for so long. Has this happened to anyone before? Anyways, all the redfish were caught using cut mullet. I attached a link to the video of our trip. Hope you all enjoy and subscribe. Be safe out there and God Bless!

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