Offshore First Cow for 2021 on the Arjuna, 6-17-2021


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We had a great trip on the Arjuna yesterday. We left Mission Bay around 9:30 pm on Wednesday to go fish the insane night bite down south. We ended up pointed the point in the direction between the 371 and 425 to be met with the entire fleet. We were very anxious to get a chance to fish the big blue fin on jigs and sinker baits. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any fish just like the rest of the fleet. We were driving around trying to find something, but didn't succeed. The fleet were all moving around covering a lot of water and not stopping.

Around 5:30 am we started to see some tuna marks and were very encouraged with what we were seeing. With only having 2.5 scoops of bait, we knew we were limited to what we could do to bring the fish up from the depths.

8:00 am First Kite Bite
We ended up trolling the California Flyer about 5 knots and within 30 min of deploying the kite and skipping the CA flyer, we had our first take down. Captain Keith ended up taking the first fish and to our surprise, the tuna wasn't taking a lot of line. It turned out to be a small BFT, about 50 lbs.

The Skunk is off the boat and now let's catch a COW

9:00 am COW BABY
We trolled the same area and this time we hooked a nice COW, with an estimated weight of 250. Nick ended up taking this fish and we captured some video of the fight and I have uploaded the clip, see the link. The fish looked like a small fish and first and Nick said this fish is not fighting. Boy was he wrong!!! Once the fish got close to the boat it started to peel off line and started to go down. Nick being about 6ft 5 in, put the rod on the gunnel and started to crank down on the fish. About 30 min later we had it in gaffing range and stuck two nice gaff shots. We got the fish through the tuna door and high fives all around.




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Bait fish
We decided to keep looking for some more BFT and we came across some other boats with fish boiling around. We stopped the boat and started to throw out some bait. Rusty puts his line in the water and is instantly hooked. All the other boats around are hooked up. The next hook up is Captain Keith, and followed by Ken from Kenz Canvass. We got two of the fish in the boat and added two more BFT to the total. The fish were up to 50 lbs.

We ended up leaving the area to look for more fish. We continue to troll up to about 5 pm and called it a day.

The fishing area was between the 371 and 425.



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    Great report and congrats on the tuna.

    Boy, I wish my arthritis would back the heck off. I've already had to postpone trips 3 times.....
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