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Feb 22, 2004
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Headed out 5PM Thursday with 5 scoops of great sardines on my buddy's 58 Viking for the 3rd trip this season chasing BFT with a great group of 4 other guys that fish it more often than I can. This would be their 5th trip this season and we would always catch something either paddy yellows or cod to bring something home but no BFT to this point. The boat had an epic season last year with several double digit catches throwing poppers and flying the kite but not on the 2-3 trips I was able to join them. Yes I can be superstitious and the pressure was building. We made it out to the zone by 630PM and stopped on a mark and by 7 I was dropping my 170 gram Katy Perry SK when it suddenly went slack and it was game on with a solid hook up on 80# line. Not much of a game however as it came right up after a short run and looked to be a 35# fish on the deck. The skunk was off the boat and to me more importantly the Black Cat was off my back on this boat hopefully saving another future invite. We constantly had fish passing under the boat but couldn't get another bite on flatfalls or sinker rigs and by 930 they stopped marking so we put down the sidescan and started searching as most of the fleet did as well. Found a small jag around midnight so we stopped and fished it. I was dropping 250 gram glow jigs while my buddy Dick Tracy was fishing a 10-12 inch 400 gram Katy Perry Knife Jig and he developed a new technique of dropping down to 200-250 feet. cranking up 25-30 cranks then letting it sit for 3-5 minutes and repeat. Around 2 AM To our surprise he got bit while deadstick in the holder and after a 10 minute battle had a nice 76-80# fish on the deck. We got back to fishing and around 4AM the same jig got bit on the drop this time and it was much bigger. Dick Tracy took it to the bow for a 30 minute fight but when it headed back to the stern he passed it off to the kid in our group (28-35 years old) and he fought it for 20 minutes or so with the rod butt in between his legs giving his balls a real workout; I asked him if he needed a break and a minute later he gave me the rod for my turn at beating this beast. it was a stalemate for the first 5 minutes or so; I'd raise the rod a foot or so and crank 3-4 feet and he'd take 4-5; I then started raising the rod 3-4 feet and gaining a couple of cranks and on the 3rd raise I felt the fish either coughing to shake the jig or it tearing inside its mouth; in any case I was able to gain 50-60 feet and then it stalled and I was spent after pulling as hard as I could. I passed it off to Dick Tracy to finish it off and he put the wood to it finally getting it up to color and with a gaff on either side of him we were ready to stick this beast. We needed one more loop and we could stick it, the swivel stopped at the rod tip and as he backed up to bring the fish closer it righted itself and turned the other direction breaking both hooks off. It had to be around 180-200+ pounds as it was over 6 feet long. We put a bend in the jig and it was toast.
We had a similar jig we put on the same rod and within 10 minutes it was deadstick bit again on a 75# fish. As dawn came up we had no other bites so we were out searching again by 9 AM and found another batch of fish 1/4 mile downswell from Saurfish and they had 2 going at the time. We started chumming and within 5 minutes the ocean erupted with fish all around us; one of the guys tossed a mack on 50# and was bit shortly after; a 60# fish hit the deck minutes later. We put up the kite and had the first flyer mauled after 15 minutes, we reset another flyer that they missed twice. Nothing on sinker rigs or flyline; I was fishing 50# with no luck so I dropped down to 30 and got bit within 8 seconds. I let the fish take it too long before setting the hook and although I followed it up to the bow for another 3-4 minutes and had it turned around, it was maybe a 40-50# fish but we'll never know as it chewed through the line on it's second run. That was it for us below the 371 in glassy lake conditions all day.

The Jig on the left was the killer on this trip; don;t even bother looking as its out of stock everywhere that's why this report is a day late; Thanks to Mr. T for posing with the fish and now that Covid is behind us he's available for private parties and like on this trip he brings his own stripping pole.bieber

2021 FISH HAWK 1st TUNA 6-18-21.JPG

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Jan 31, 2020
Congrats on getting the monkey off your back.

Deadsticking BFT! Nice way to conserve energy.
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Apr 7, 2003
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Great report. It’s only downhill from here Lol.
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