Offshore fickle fish, bottom of the 9th, late report 7.15

Feb 27, 2019
Montauk -> Me shell
9 mile, huge foamers, incredibly fickle all day literally we chased fish and were right on top of them for 6 straight hours. Threw nearly every jig I had got one bite on a 42g sniper green color, but fish dropped it when it didn't taste like a chovie. Tons of boats chasing them definitely had to check the quarter before making a turn. On way in we cruised down the backside of the ridge and then decided to call it around 5. I was bummed and wrestling with how to be content considering (like always) I pray for God to bless our trips, keep us safe, put his praise on our lips and put the meat in the bag :) On way in we saw the biggest foamer I have EVER seen was actually pretty sure it was a pod of spinners from afar turns out they were ~100# no other boats around anywhere again same story they wouldn't take any jigs. We had like 3 baits left, and it was the bottom of the 9th down by too many, my buddy threw out a sardine right near the foam ball (20ft from the boat) and we slow trolled around the edge since it seemed like the fish were staying up and 5 seconds after putting the boat in gear he hooked up. 75-80# He had his lighter gear since they had been so fickle all day - 30lb pink fluoro and 1/0 ringed circle hook. Soo stoked to not get skunked.


May 26, 2006
Orange County
Tiara 2000 Cuddy
Way to dog one out!

Fished last week on the Aztec. I have never pulled that hard on 30 and 40 and we lnded fish to 80# at about 2/3 success. 2 Owner C hook.
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