I'm not superstitious... cuz it's bad luck.
Aug 6, 2016
SoCal - Corona
I know a couple guys...
I haven't seen any discounts on tickets to the LB show floating around this year like in the past.

Last year, someone sent me that $3 Progressive coupon and posted it here to share the love. I know it was only $3 but hey...3 bucks is 3 bucks. Last year we saved enough between me and my boys that it paid for parking.

Maybe they did away with the coupon or maybe its just harder to find. It would be cool for anyone who has one to post it up so we can save a couple of bucks at the door.

By all means, if anyone has a ticket your not going to use, let me know (pm) and I'll gratefully take it off your hands. I have a handful of old swapmeet irons to trade if we meet up. I live in Corona so anywhere in N. OC would be on the way.