Epic season continues on the East Cape!

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    Hola amigos,

    Well the fishing on the East Cape continues to be one of the best, most consistent seasons we’ve had in over a decade. This past week we are still on an incredible tuna bite that started back in May and has been very consistent through today. We haven’t seen anything over 100lbs. yet, but we are seeing some nice fish in the 50-80 pound class. The roosterfish have been in town all season, but this week we started to see some monster roosters show up. I’m talking about 60-80lbs. gallos that will rock you when you hook one. A few boats that actually targeted roosters have been landing 10-15 in a single day. Most of these guys are smaller fish, but you always have a shot at one of the ones pictures below (all landed the last couple of weeks).

    Right on queue the big bull dorado have shown up, a week before the biggest dorado tournament of the year. The Dorado Shoot Out will be held on July 21st, with the heaviest dorado taking home a brand new 2018 Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck. The timing could not have been better, as this week we started to see some very nice tournament size dorado landed in the 40-60lbs. range. This should make for another great tournament next week.

    The inshore fishing has been red hot as well, with the above mentioned roosters, pargo, amber jacks, jack crevalle, lady fish and more. Many anglers have been passing up on this inshore action and heading straight for the tuna grounds, but there is a lot of great action not too far from the resorts. There has also been a great bite on the billfish, with lots of shots at striped marlin, some blue marlin and even a few sailfish have shown up to join the party. The wahoo bite has been up and down, but we are seeing a few throughout the week, so we know they are out there.

    We are heading into the time of year where almost all of the species that made the East Cape a one of a kind fishing destination start showing up. Almost everything is here right now and typically August and September are our best fishing months. Based on the way the season is going so far, this should be a summer to remember. If you haven’t made your plans to visit the East Cape, you need to get on the phone soon and book a trip. You don’t want to miss out on what has so far been an epic 2018 season.

    That’s it for this week amigos!

    Hope to see many of you down here soon!

    Eddie Dalmau/Baja’s Van Wormer Resorts

    IMG_0294.JPG 37078661_10156591435813669_1665094971675377664_n.jpg ddaeb0af-6c2f-4d43-9480-dd234a2fd4ad.JPG 36904420_2024456147586814_2261174838234185728_n.jpg 36823899_2024456394253456_1270230345794453504_n.jpg 36923431_2024456370920125_95039865254576128_n.jpg 36938940_2024456310920131_8832159026528649216_n.jpg 36980779_1068785903270217_1262210812924133376_n.jpg 36961316_1068801746601966_6298130976178438144_n.jpg 37000954_1068785929936881_9097584247325065216_n.jpg 36950644_1068786019936872_5984214715616722944_n.jpg 37043774_2028764907155938_7737772995543826432_n.jpg 37073081_2028765643822531_1155559306016325632_n.jpg 37055969_2029091560456606_5381160844371427328_n.jpg 36826310_10156578510938669_4150578531392290816_n.jpg 37094601_10156591375933669_8790304389840502784_n.jpg
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    Sent an email about availability for the week after the tournament.

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