Epic BOLA fishing with Alfonzo Daggett 8/13-15


Jun 18, 2013
San Diego, California
Pete Casey
Three of us just got back from 3 epic days fishing with Alfonzo Daggett on his 30ft panga. Fished outside the big island. Put us on big yellows from 20 to 30 lbs. The 180g flatfalls were killing them. Limited out in two hours the first 2 days. Last day was searching for pargo and Grouper but no luck, just smaller yellows. End of the day we went clamming and scored at least 100 clams and oysters. Took them into town and had a feast. Great weather, flat seas and one great time with friends Mike and Dave. Fished this area many times but only on the Tony Reyes trips. Overall, 38 yellowtail, 1 pargo ,4 Cabrilla and saw whale sharks. Three empty bottles of Havana club and mucho cervazas made it even better. We will be back for sure.

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