Inshore Enterprise 6/22 with my 6 and 8 yr old - Quick report


Apr 12, 2021
Boat Name
My 8yr old has been on the ocean a few times and is a pretty die hard fisherman. His 6yr old brother, on the other hand, went on a halfday once that was really bumpy and got sick and had a crappy time. After going back and forth because of forecasts and a hesitant 6yr old, we decided to roll the dice and go fishing on the Enterprise.

Left the house in the valley at 4am to sporadic lightning and thunder on the drive to LB. Kids were loving it, counting each lightning strike. Made it to Pierpoint just after 5, easy drive.

Boat left a few min after 6am and picked up bait. Good looking anchovies. Plan was to start looking for barracuda, but after nothing early we went to the sculpin grounds. I played deckhand and let the boys fish. We were in about 150’ and using 8oz sinkers so it wasn’t easy on them but they still did it. Each boy caught a number of smalls and keepers until we had boat limits. Took about an hour.

Captain Mitch decided to run to Catalina. And in a nice gesture, offered anyone wanting their sculpin filleted to have it done on the ride to the island so they could be put on ice instead of sit in the sack, in the sun, all day.

Had a small, heavy rain/thunder/lightning storm on the ride there. Kids thought it was awesome. We all piled in the galley for about 10 min lol. Other than that, the weather and water conditions were very mellow.

At the island we picked off small barracuda, calicos, Bonita, and even got a couple yellows. I tried hooking and handing a few flylined barracuda and bass but they were so close to the boat that once I hooked and cranked a few times they were at the boat lol. Kids were tired anyways, one took a nap and the other played on his tablet during the surface bite.

Called it a great day of fishing around 3:30 and pointed it home. Other kid napped on the way back to port. All in all it was a great day.

Got back to the house at almost 8pm. Long day but the boys were champs. Now they’re at camp on a field trip and I am back at work haha.