Ensenada Aboard the Wahoo, Oct 15th

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    Left early morning with Hector at the wheel and Chino on deck, thinking we were going to make bait. Turns out there was bait- deens- at the receiver for the 5 of us. Very thick fog that never really cleared thru the day. We looked and looked but could not find any surface activity. Also not much in the way of kelp paddys to chase down. Waters were very calm with little to no winds, but very cool temps as well. Ended up using the bait to fill up on lings, and avoided all the other bottom types that we've all seen pulled from here. For the most part, just another boat ride but able to scratch the itch to get out. Really got to spend the time and a little more $$ to make the trip to San Quintin to meet and fish with that crowd!! One thing I almost forgot: at a point we were on the ling bite in the clearing fog, some POS saw us from as distance, turned into us and throttled up, circling completely around us and tossing us in their wake. They laughed as they saw us all bounced on the deck, then sped away. Didn't even think of looking to see a name on the hull, more worried about our group. I'm glad I strongly encourage all of us to have/wear vests and PFDs, as learned from previous threads here. So for all of you that suggested PFDs before, thanks. And for the POS that could of swamped us, fuck off! :finger: :shithappens:

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