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Apr 20, 2009
Bridgeville/DE, Sussex
27, Sea pro , Fraydknot
My daughter had call and asked to go fishing and wanted to bring the her new beau Evan! First offshore fishing for him.. Weather looked great so we the wife and I picked them at hookup & Cookem at 0530 cleared the inlet and the weather man got it right!!!! Was able to run 30 KTS the whole way.. We decided to hit the 19 lump first and because the of the weather was able to run 10 rod spread. Trolled around for a little while.. Went to pick up the flat line and the planer rod makes a big dip and the drag starts screaming. Handed the rod to Evan and he did a great job. Fish came to the surface and couldn’t figure out what it was then all of sudden it broke thru and nothing but A LOT of teeth!!!!! Bring the fish along side and it was a beautiful Mako so small to keep so took a few pics and sent him on his way..
Trolled for few more hours and the full moon was playing havoc with us. So we headed for the barn but stopped at the Del Jersey and picked up some nice sea bass for dinner.

Everyone had a great time and a great day to be on the water.