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Halibut Howie

1987 Cabo 216
May 22, 2003
San Diego
Halibut Howie
1987 Cabo 216/F150 "Have Not Blown-up Yet!"
I fish mostly by myself. After a bunch of problems on my old 1987 boat (moored, no trailer) with the motor and gas tank, I've spent alot of time recently making the boat more easy for operation in a one-man scenario as I repaired these problems. The only reason now to go into my bilge is to open and close the petcocks to each bait pump before and after fishing.

I'm thinking about installing these 12vdc S/S solenoids before the pumps so I can open and close the water to the bait pumps from the helm. The only problem I see is making sure to keep the solenoid's location above the waterline. But if it shorts out it will automatically close. Anybody have REAL life experience with this type of electric solenoid used in this way. No conspirator theories like with my gas tank, PLEASE.

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Aug 5, 2003
Yellow spot
I don't have specific experience with what your considering but I do have some experience with similar valves in an industrial setting.

Other than keeping the solenoid dry two concerns I would have is that first if you have inboard gasoline power then those valves are likely not certified as ignition protected. Catastrophic failure of the coil while very unlikely is a possibility - I have seen coils short and melt down. Even thou that is unlikely not being ignition protected might give your insurance company an out if you ever did have a fire even if the valve was not at fault. Second issue would be debris. I would want a reasonably fine strainer prior to the valve as even small debris can stop the valve from sealing.

That said I think you can do what your thinking likely without a problem.

While making the boat more user friendly is certainly a good thing personally I would use manual valves instead of having to spend 1.5 amps to keep it open. Other thing would be depending on that valve to always seal when shut off since your boat is kept in the water.
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