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Jan 7, 2008
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Your buddy Zzzzz posted this an hour ago

"What happens when Antifa eventually turns on Biden? Then what?

Him and Harris think they can control Antifa. That is where they will be and have been wrong. Since Harris raises money to bail Antifa out of jail so they can riot and steal more. But I think they will loose control of Antifa. Once Antifa does not get thier ridiculous demands met and realize they have been used for votes"
Uh thanks Jesse but i read it.I'll stick with what i said.Post another meme that makes no sense.


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Dec 23, 2017
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There was no real threat to our democracy on January 6th. What happened was angry people who watched the nation burn all year and who have had their rights trampled on lost control. If this were a real attempt where they posed a real threat to the piece of shit politicians there a lot more people would have died via the hundreds of dudes with machine guns standing around watching rioters walk by.
Get a grip and stop sucking the MSMs and democratic parties' cock. They aren't on your side idiots, to be honest none of them, dem or republican, are on anyone's side except their own. Either lying to get in office or lying to stay in office.
We need term limits, age limits, and a real voting system people can have faith in. We can all deposit checks online, move money online, gamble online, correspond with our doctors online, obtain Centri passes online, passports, ETC. Why can't we simply and securely vote online? A vote we can actually look at to be sure it was received and that the people and propositions we chose to vote for were tallied that way. Right now we have no real way to be certain our ballots were recorded properly and I believe that is by design. It's fucking 2021. My watch can read my heartbeat, pay for shit, book a hotel, and more. Fix it via executive order if you care about integrity and healing. Honestly the fact that nobody wants to make it more secure says a lot.

We are being lied to every day. Watch this film and get back to me. You actually have to pay attention and there are a lot of words that might be too much for some mouth breathers here to understand, but try.

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Dec 18, 2005
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People need to realize that no matter which party is in power the politicians are there to fuck us all over in one way or another.
Yeah but some want to fuck you over worse,its always been lesser of 2 evils.