El huerfanito

Don Gordo

Aug 3, 2007
Just got back last night from El Huerfanito. Stayed at Campo Tano for the first time. RUSTIC! Gotta love the new restrooms though. We got there Sunday afternoon and just got our gear together for Monday. Some guys from Mexicali were leaving and had full ice chest of a real good mix of fish.
We went out Monday morning after coffee and breakfast. Headed north to find lots of boilers everywhere. Yellowtail, bonita, corvina, sierra all boiling on the same tiny bait fish. Took us a while but finally got it dialed in and landed a good mix of all of the above. Also got to land a real nice cabrilla I think it was a good 20 to 25 lbs. in real skinny water. But that was the last day we could get on the water. I'd heard of the Nortes that hit the area but hadn't experienced them. We waited for the wind and the waves to calm down til Thursday before we decided to head home. We fished Tuesday and Wednesday from the beach with no luck on Tuesday and a few on Wednesday afternoon. Some real nice corvina and about a 15 lb yellowtail from the beach mind you. On Thursday on our way home we left a couple of rods out so we could give it a last shot and fish the beaches between our camp and puertecitos. Well , we killed them. Found boiling yellowtail chasing the same tiny bait into the rocks. We caught them on everything. I caught 8 and a nice corvina. Pencil poppers, poppers, jerkbaits, crankbaits, megabaits, you name it we threw at them and the ate it. Lost a bunch in the rocks. Did I mention it was from the beach? Real National Geographic stuff schools of yellowtail in 6 inches of water boiling on bait. If someone would of told me I would have called bullshit. But here they are. Hope to head back soon.
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