Eastern Sierra's Report

Oct 6, 2007
18' 4Winns - traded for plumbing work
Fished Intake II last Wednesday as the weather "up the hill" looked kinda ominous and I later learned it was, rain/snow. Started at around 11am and got 2 in the first 30 min. including a solid 2lb'r. Then, I only caught 4 more fishing till 5pm (all released). Tried everything but explosives and it was real slow around me too. Fished just to the dam side of the "pipe" and threw every lure/bait I had. Fished Rush Creek below Silver on Thursday, I basically "hate" creek fishing, I was there mostly to socialize w/ members of our group. They got a few fish - waders are the way to go. Also got caught in a 30 min. torrential downpour early afternoon. Friday it was Gull on a pontoon boat. Two of the four of us went 0 for the day, another got 2, and I landed 4 "stockers" Other members of our group did much better, about 4 around on mostly powerbait. Saturday was "Derby Day" for us on June. The winner(not me) was a 3.25 rainbow caught on rainbow glitter near the reeds first thing in the a.m. Steady if not spectacular for everyone the rest of the day, couple of 2 lb'ers, otherwise, stockers. Got chased off the lake arounf 12:30 by the "perfect storm" lightning, wind, rain, and BB size hail (it stings between wind driven and 10kt boat speed). After an hour, back on the lake for a few more. What worked was Korn powerbait and just about anything else "green". Couple on salmon egg peach(usually my # 1 up there) and chunky cheese. For a while, a mosquito hook threaded onto a gulp worm fished along the reeds worked and was alot of fun. 2lb fluro and a split shot cast and then slooow retreive worked - nothing big, but steady fishing. We had some amount of rain, etc every afternoon but it usually cleared later in the day. Wind was present too. tried to fish the inlet at Silver to rush Creek, but between the wind right into the face and the heavy release of water, it was impossible to keep bait in the zone. Rush is as high as I have seen it, DWP releasing a lot of water, coupled w/ snow melt and rain. We still had a great time, it was just more "work" than many years in the past. Finally, kudos to the folks at june Lake Marina, thay have taken care of our group for years and really seem to be good people. Business is down about 25% they said so far this season and they said DFG has slowed plants and # of fish down too.
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What's the BFD with the DFG.
Dec 10, 2007
Lake Forest,ca/Henderson nv.
17 ft CC Sea Strike/18 ft Tracker
We ran into the same deal last Fri, sat sun..Fished Bridgeport Res, Robinson creek, upper and lower twin for just a few fish..Fished Rock cr, Convict lake and creek..Fished owens and McGee creek and Rock Creek lake for a total of about 25 trout and 1 Perch...Hard wet fishing but fun...