Eastern Black nose dace


May 19, 2019
Los Angles
Hugh Hass
Ranger Z521L ICON
Hey All, I have some question about eastern black nose dace that you guys might be able to answer
The first question I have about Eastern Black nose Dace is where can I buy them? I wanted to purchase them but as far as could see no where was selling them. If there is any way I could obtain them that would be great!

My second question is, Would it be viable to catch them, and keep them if I do it legally (I will ask my local fish and game department for more details) So I can release them in my stream? (This ties into the next question)

Third Question (Thanks for sticking through this huge wall of text!) Would my stream be good for the eastern black nose dace? from my research they are native to MA and like streams but can also live in slow moving water or stagnant water. There is both shallow, fast moving parts and deep slow moving parts. It is not that cold nor hot so I feel it would be good, i just wanted to ask the pros. The video attached is of the stream. Thanks All!
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