Jul 18, 2005
Buenavista East Cape Baja Sur Mex
Axel Valdez
Boat Name
Buena Vista Fleet
May 10 -16 Report

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort

It was something of an “odd” week with unnecessary wind ranging from 6- to 16-mph that lasted though last weekend. Fishing was nevertheless pretty darn good … and in some cases, perfect. Hard to figure!

In the “hard to figure” category was a very consistent wahoo bite. No giants, but plenty of tugs from good-size ’hoo throughout the area. They definitely added to a winning week for our skippers.

Reports of roosterfish feeding right out in front of the hotel had some guests flinging lures while others took flyrods to the beach hoping for a grab or two.

All the while, many of our boat captains ventured farther down the coast for the striped marlin frolicking here and there from La Ribera all the way down to below Los Frailes. They also jumped on nice loads of yellowfin tuna that had found plenty of bait to satisfy them – enough to stick around for the remainder of the week.

markphillips 2.jpg

The Mark Phillips Group, Key West, Fla. found plenty of tuna and wahoo action during their stay.

Not to be left out, SoCal angler Jany Densmore, scored on nice waho.
Jimmy DOe.jpg

A warm up for Jimmy Doe from SoCal — a striped marlin release.
Don and Kathy .jpg

Don and Kathy Boudreaux with the chicken of the sea!​
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