East Cape fishing is off and running!!

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    It's been a great week down here on the East Cape! The fishing has finally busted wide open with a variety of species being landed each day. The primary specie the last few days has been yellowfin tuna. The school started out about 42 miles off hotel Palmas De Cortez, but has now moved to about 15 to 20 miles from the resort. Nice football size and up to about 50# have been common.

    The Dorado finally started to show up, with some nice size. We are starting to see a few each day in the 15-30 pound class and I can't stress enough what a welcome site that is for everyone down here.

    The roosterfish have been around for awhile now, but nothing like the one that Dean Lawver and Chris Rager from Montana landed today. The giant rooster was estimated to be between 70-80#. The fleet has also managed to pull in a few in the 50# class this week, both on the fly and conventional tackle.

    The amberjacks have been around as well for a few weeks and there have been some big boys around. Chris Rager landed an 80# amberjack this week and Justin Wolff and Mark Daugherty landed a 35# today.

    The striped marlin have also been around, but with all the other action around, many have chosen to pass on the billfish. That being said, a few guest have landed a few very nice stirped marlin this week.

    Lots of action this week in the East Cape and we are off to a great start to the 2017 season. Make your plans now to join the action.


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