East Cape/Buena Vista Resort fish report July 5,2021

Jul 18, 2005
Buenavista East Cape Baja Sur Mex
Axel Valdez
Buena Vista Fleet
It’s just a guess, but we’re guessing that in a few years the Summer of 2021 will be called the “Good Old Days.” You’d think it can’t get much better, but every week it seems to improve. Here’s some proof:

Air temperatures peaked each day in the low 90s with water temps in the mid-80s for almost perfect conditions. We’re seeing loads of sardines for bait – the favorite for both tuna and roosterfish. Topping off the bait supply are plenty of ballyhoo and caballito.

Marlin continued to be the hot bite while yellowfin tuna can be found almost everywhere under breezing porpoises. We are getting double and even triple hook-ups on sardines, hoochies, jigs and cedar plugs. There are few things in the wonderful world of fishing better than a double tuna hookup … except for maybe a triple!

Dorado schools were found near the lighthouse, but were not caught in any great numbers. On the other hand, wahoo seemed to have moved in just a few miles south of Hotel Buena Vista and were definitely in an eating mood. Rapalas were the ticket to ‘hoo success. Be sure to bring a few 8- or 10-inch Rapalas with you on your visit.

bocardo wahoos.jpg

Local fisherman Manny Bocardo and his buddy Scott landed two wahoo along with a marlin. They gently released the billfish after a quick photo.

garci rooster.jpg

garcia dorado.jpg

The Garcia clan of Tony, Jay, Tanner, Mark, Erin along with Grandpa Othon and Hugo Aviles from Newport Beach, Calif. and Arizona visited to celebrate Grandpa Othon’s 80th birthday. Grandpa was surrounded by four sons, a nephew and two grandsons for three days of fishing aboard the Calareste with a crew of Marco and Juan; Fish Mugger with Santiago and Francisco; and Eclipse with Miguel and Jesus. They practically needed a computer to keep track of the catch: five marlin, tuna, one dorado, wahoo, roosterfish plus assorted others. It was definitely an 80th b’day celebration to remember.

toby and axel.jpg

axel marlin.jpg

Toby Uppinghouse from California, spent a day with his buddy, Buena Vista’s own Axel Valdez who took a “busman’s holiday” aboard the Yanet with Capt. Felipe Ruiz and Mate Reggie Lucero. Toby brought a saltwater flyrod and was rewarded with a jack crevalle, also known as a “toro” for its bull-like qualities, while Axel hooked, fought, landed and released a marlin.

fv n wife.jpg
Not to be outdone, Felipe Valdez and his wife Claudia took a short trip to Buena Vista to fish for tuna with Felipe’s cousin Roberto. They landed a few dandy yellowfin tuna while enjoying a bit of quality family time.

Maybe you should consider doing that. You supply the family … we’ll supply the tuna.

bocardo wahoos.jpg