DP to 209 to Cat 5/29


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Jun 1, 2008
Ladera Ranch/CA/USA
32 Rampage,GO IRISH!
Short Story: Go Irish tried to see if anything was at the 209, stopped on paddies, hightailed it to Catalina, crushed Little Gibraltar for 60 calicos and 1 YT

Long Story: Got a great crew together to try offshore and see if anything is coming up closer to us. Got to the dock at 4 am. Loaded up the boat by 4:38 and headed to the bait barge. No one at the barge. Got a scoop and a half. Bait was great all day! Cleared the DP harbor at 5 am. Took 20 mins to get my autopilot to correctly engage (story for another day) but headed to the 209. No marine layer until 1 mile out - harbor was clear. 2 miles before the 209 set up a trail of rapala's (purple and mack) and one cedar plug on a spreader. Trolled thru, back around, and up towards the slide. Nothing. Saw tons of life - birds, dolphin and a small whale. Water was 67. It was dark in color but clear. Water was flat all day long: on the ride to 209, on the ride to Cat and home. Marine layer stopped at 3 miles out. Was able to fly to the 209 at 22 knots.

Left the 209 and paddie hopped towards Catalina. Stopped on several. One with dolphin, more sitting birds than the eye could see (exaggeration but a lot) and the whale. Must have been so much bait in the water as everyone was feeding. Threw everything at it, bait every which way, snipers, etc. Nada. Picked up after 5 stops and headed to Cat. Lots of paddies out there, keep trying.

Catalina: Get to the island and decide to fish the quarry before we go and try and get squid. Spearo looked as if he was doing well enjoying swimming but to no avail. My son got a Boccaccio. Threw it back and headed for the LBCarnage outside Avalon. "He's Out". Sold out by 10.40 am. So new plan, fish dines we got up to Little Gibraltar. Go to the condos, see nothing. Say, screw it, straight there. As we pass long point, like other posts have already said - People were fishing the MLPA. DFG was out, turned passed them so don't know if they got them. They got a small open bow boat at Little Gibraltar for a non-fishing license passenger. Wish they had let her go as we need more women to fish. Maybe that is just a personal wish. I work for 3 of them. So Little Gibraltar it is! We set up. It's wet! Really wet. First two passes are a simple drift to see life. One other boat is there (ticket boat). No bites. On second pass, I see a boat coming up the island to Gibraltar and it's my boat neighbor Gary (The Whole Shebang). Great guy and fisherman. Turns out he'd been on the island two days. Gave us some squid. He caught one YT and several big Sheepsheads. Super nice to get some free candy! Now we decide to set up on the high point, anchor and give it a go. We fished until 2:45. NONSTOP CATCHING! Took breaks because you wanted to. Just absolutely awesome. Sun would peek out at times but pretty dreary at the island. We had current all day, saw it creep up to 68. Unlimited Calicos. More than I think I have ever caught in that period. Light line, both squid and dines worked. Some big ones in there. All were released. Estimate was 60 Calicos. On my last line in the water at 2:15, squid, straight down, two to three finger rolls of the inside reel up from the bottom, my reel goes off. Immediately we know it's not a Calico. Heads for the rocks! Yikes. Boom 2nd gear on my MX custom Green Avet - that's right GO IRISH! She immediately starts losing the battle and coming to the boat. Gaffed and on board we celebrate! 26 knots home, flat, sunny 1 mile from island. Poor visibility leaving the island. Appreciate the day. The times put in with no fish and a great team and plan. Thanks to Gary, for reading and tight lines!!

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