Double wrapping

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Hector Garcia

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  • Dec 28, 2017
    Lake Los Angeles, CA
    Hector Garcia
    I need a ride.
    Theres a whole discussion on what a double wrap is. So what does it mean to you?

    Some people consider the underwrap/base wrap a wrap. Meaning that a base wrap and 1 guide wrap is a double wrap.

    I consider wrapping a guide foot 2X's a double wrap, and a base wrap a base wrap.

    I wrap a base wrap on most rods, not really required on anything under 40lb and maybe 50lb, but the higher the drag, it helps the guides not to dig into the blank under pressure, plus it looks cooler. I double wrap guides once I get into the 50lb+. Meaning wrap the guide foot up, and back down. It ensures the guide doesnt move when handling big tuna and big game.

    The red and green rods are 80-100lb rods and are tripple wrapped over the guide foot. The blue is double wrapped over the guide foot. And the black has a single wrap over the guide foot.




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