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Sep 8, 2009
San Diego/CA/USA
18.5 Striper CC - Puro Grande might get a little bloody....


Had a short escape window between my son's Pre-K dropoff at 9:00, and pickup at 5:00, to sneak out for some tuna with my buddy. We were met with a mean breeze that was a bit sportier than I thought it would be. Beat up thoroughly on the way out, somehow losing our bait net in the process, I was looking at the clock and suddenly not liking our chances of success. Just west of Pukey I miraculously spotted some birds circling low in between the white caps. Made a hard 90 degree into the slop and slid into some small foamers. Up and down quick and no chance of run and gunning in that crap, so we stopped, chummed, threw bait, and got one nice one in short order.


Had 'em under the boat and a few more boils until some moron ran over our chum line trying to throw poppers at the boils. It didn't work out for him, but it pushed them out from under us. One in the box we kept slogging south, but tried briefly to head straight west to a buddy fishing the 302. He said other boats were hanging, but it wasn't wide open, and with the seas up I decided to turn south again and head toward the 425, our original plan. Just north of the spot was a small cluster of boats around the Voyager. We poked around the outside for a bit being already short on time, and not having metered any fish or seen any other signal since the first bird school. Got picked up and dropped on a long soak and saw some bent rods which made us decided to stick it out. Around 2 PM, Todd [Voyager] passed the school off to a Parker, dropped some chum, and bailed. At which point all hell broke loose. I got picked up right away by a fish that would end up embarrassing me for 45 minutes. This fish absolutely refused to come to the boat on 20# and completely kicked my ass. Took me around the boat.....EIGHTEEN TIMES. I've caught bigger fish, and scarier fish, but I've never had a fish of this size give me so much grief. While I'm cursing this SOB, everybody around us was full bendo, fish were boiling everywhere, and my buddy got hooked up about 5 times (landing two, breaking off several on 15# and 20#). We were now late, and had to leave a completely WFO bite to boogie home. Threw the rest of our bait out at our buddy who had joined the fray, which was absolutely erupted on. Epic. Still a good day considering the weather and clock being against us.



Water was warm 73-74 but still murky. I think with the weather laid down again today, the reports coming in this evening will be epic. Pay attention to your meter and birds. Never saw a paddy all day (been a theme for me this year), and not even a sniff on the troll. We only trolled anyway since it was too rough to go any faster (on my little boat anyway). Don't chase bird schools through other guys' established chum lines. And don't be late for Pre-K pickup, your wife will be super mad.


Enjoy the videos, even if at my own expense....


Vs Reality:

- Belk out!
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I'm not superstitious... cuz it's bad luck.
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    I know a couple guys...
    Good times bro, thanks for the detailed report.

    Favorite pic is of your boy (and your future best fishing buddy) inspecting that yellowfin for size and quality.

    I have a 3 year old boy, looks just like your boy and I hope/pray he will love fishing like his Pop. Over my wife's best judgment, I let him touch, hold, and just trip out on a few YFT (touching the fins, eyes, and teeth, spine, etc) that I have caught this year. He smells like he was on the trip with me only minutes after I get home with the fish.

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