Do you want company or help on your boat and go fishing as well! My friend and I can help!


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Aug 17, 2011
San Diego
Tommy Chang
1989 Seaswirl

I'm a recent new addition to Bloody Decks and first off want to say I love how everybody for the most part is friendly, informative, and provides a sense of community among people who love to fish. I lived in San Diego for 7 years, and I had a couple friends that have boats, but now I moved to the Los Angeles area and for the first time do not have any friends that have boats to go out on. I am an able bodied guy who would love to ride on your boat and go fishing! would be willing to pitch in on gas and live bait. Just looking to have some fun fishing, while relaxing as well. I'm 30 years old, finished college, and am pretty laid back. Drink a beer, and catch some fish, but not at all lazy to do things necessary on the boat. Help clean, take care of bait, or other things. My friend and I would love to go hang out on your boat and pitch in for expenses and have a bunch of fun catching some fish. Anywhere near mdr, long beach, huntington, newport is fine. we would be happy to go wherever. If you just want some company fishing we're laid back, love sports, mature, and want to go fish! If you want some company or some help, please send a tell, or leave a message. thanks everybody!