December 9,2010 Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Start Me Up Sportfishing.

Mark Wagner with a nice 26 pound ono caught on his shared charter with Team Start Me Up.

Jake,George,Robert,Wayne, & Tim on an early morning charter with a catch of 6 mahis .

Heather,Bill,Tom,Kristina & Jackie with a Mahi caught on their 4 hour charter.

The Adams Family with a nice 20 pound mahi.

Grace Cloete , Erika Sperbeck and Elvis Alkhas with three mahis that closely matched the anglers in size.

Jacqueline Janes caught this 12 pound mahi at SO bouy.

Matt and his son Cooper at only three years of age brought in this 22 pound mahi on an afternoon charter.

Steve, Rich, Carl and John boated these 8 mahis on their early morning charter.

The Walton Family completely stoked over their mahi catch.

The Kranzs, Smiths and Benas all got a shot at developing their arms reeling in this catch of mahi.

Rob Schultz proudly displaying his dual mahi catch.

Stephanie Munson with a nice 17 pound mahi.

This early morning charter produced a fish for each angler. Ron Olson, Bob Warfield and Lewayne Schonzman picked up their catch at Nasau buoy.

Jeanna Rosauer with her mahi catch from an early morning charter.

Tina and Dave Marone reeled in these mahis on their early morning charter.

Larry Atilano with a cow mahi boated on a morning trip with Team Start Me Up.

Kane Rainaldi with his mahi caught on a family charter.

Rich, David, Mel, Amanda, Chris and Sarah had an exciting day on the water. Their total catch was 14 mahi which they said gave their arms quite a work out.

Kenny Marra with muscles flexed showed his kawakawa.

S O buoy paid off for Clyde and Mike Ellis and Scott Stewart. This 30 pound mahi was destined for the barbeque before it even reached the dock.

This is some catch to behold. Lance, Carl, Andrea, Ryan, Dean and Mike will all be eating sushi for a while and there are some great tuna steaks too.

Patrick Sliger did a nice job reeling in this 22 pound mahi caught at the rock off the Island of Molokai.

Nina, Lee and Adam shared this tasty mahi caught on their afternoon charter.

Barney Bjermeland and Kelly Lamming brought in quite the assortment on their early morning charter. They boated 4mahis, 2 tunas and a dasue.

Tom Grudkowski and O’shea Nero reeled in this barracuda and 20 pound mahi on their 6 hour shared charter.

Valerie Welbourn and Cutter Stephenson with their ukus (blue line snapper).

Zachary King and Jack MacNeil with a mahi caught on their day trip with Team Start Me Up.

Carter Cookson brought his dad Jeff with him to watch him catch his first aku.

Zachary and Domic Castillo were having such a good time fishing with their dad Brandon that they extended their charter. They boated 2 papio (yellow spot jacks) and an uku (grey snapper). Looks like a second trip might be in their future and two more fishermen have been inducted into the club.

Rick Hawkins, Justin Gibson and Tim Williamson with a beautiful 36 pound ono and a shibi caught on a six hour shared charter.

Devin Ernst with Betty and Vern Forest along with Team Start Me Up showing a nice 30 pound cow mahi caught on their morning 4 hour charter.

Kristi, Eric, Nyles, Burton and Jamie had a fabulous day on the water. They reeled in this 22 pound mahi off the island of Molokai. They were so impressed with the cliffs and waterfalls on the island that the catch was an extra perk.

These two couples, Barbara and Nick and Alexander and Anisa had an energy level that was contagious. They cheered and hooted for each other as they reeled in 2 mahis and a 29 pound ono.

These 5 mahis were glad to give up their lives to become baked and barbequed for Cynthia, Shane, Rick, Jason, James and Garrett.

Geoff McNicoll with Scott Griffin and his two enthusiastic fishermen Carter(6) and Carys (4) with their mahi caught on an early morning charter.

Alexander and Nicholas teamed up to catch this awesome 40 pound mahi. As they reeled this bull in Dave, John, Bill and Lance cheered them on.

Nicholas Goodling showing an uku caught while bottom fishing.

Holly and Anthony Yurisich are visiting from Australia. They just wanted to experience Maui from the water and catch a fish. They were two for two with water like a lake and a nabeta and yellow spot jack for their catch.

Kacey Bull with his mahi caught on an early morning charter.

Ken and LouAnn Williams with a 15 pound mahi caught on their 6 hour shared trip.

Kayle and Eric Lillemon with a mahi boated on their 8 hour charter.

Harold Eyre had a great time reeling in his mahi. He was ready to come back out for another trip.

Rylee and Jordan Lyzardee boated these two mahis weighing 20 and 12 pounds on their family charter.

David, Nicholas, Dianna and David had calm waters and sunshine with exquisite views of three islands and they caught a nice mahi too.

These two young anglers Joshua and Erica Horner got themselves a kaku (barracuda).

This post ends perfect days on the water and memories of a lifetime.
Good Luck and Tight Lines.